KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Tanu warns Rhea about Prachi


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Zee TV popular show Kumkum Bhagya serial is witnessing some major turning points these days in their story.

As reported earlier Digvijay meets Raj and asks him about Abhi. Raj says Abhi is fine and today is his daughter engagement. Digvijay thinks to shoot Abhi in party. Pragya gives chocolates to Abhi. Abhi says he don’t know how to eat. Pragya tells him that she will make him learn it and goes to get food. Abhi plays with Fuggi than he comesout while searching Gayathri. Aliya asks why decorations are still happening. Mitali says it will be over in 5minutes, that Tanu said many words but she is nowhere to help me. Aliya says she went to temple for Abhi health. Mitali says how you believed her words? Tanu cares for her beauty that time Tanu comes after getting ready at parlor. Aliya scolds Tanu for lying to her. Abhi runs to Tanu after seeing her and asks if she can play with him. Tanu agrees and goes with him. Abhi changes her makeup like wild cat. Tanu shouts after seeing her ruined makeup. Aliya and Mitali goes upstairs after listening Tanu shout and they laughs seeing Tanu look.

In the upcoming episode viewers gonna witness that Tanu says keep Ranbir safe with you so Prachi can’t steal him from you. Rhea says Prachi can’t steal Ranbir because now we are getting engaged. Tanu says so much can happen before marriage, I don’t want Prachi to snatch Ranbir from you like Pragya stealed Abhi from me. Tanu looks on.

Can Pragya save Abhi from Digvijay? How will Pragya stops Abhi from entering the party?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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