Kundali Bhagya 10th January 2022 Written Update: Nagre threatens Preeta


Kundali Bhagya 10th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Preeta enters her room and takes the papers and she recalls Nagre’s words. Prithvi tells Nagre that Preeta showed the papers to few people only so she does not gets caught. Nagre tells him that now he is both lawyer and judge of this case and asks him to not interfere. Preeta comes downstairs and gives the papers to Nagre. Prithvi thinks that now Preeta is gone. Natasha thinks that Preeta is nothing in front of Nagre.

Nagre checks Preeta’s papers and says that according to these papers only Preeta can take all the decision and she has the signing authority and in fact Prithvi don’t have any rights now. He takes Prithvi papers to check the date. Preeta says that her papers has been made after Prithvi papers. She tells Nagre that Prithvi’s papers are just power of attorney papers but in her papers Mahesh transferred all the properties on her name so only she is the owner of both Luthra mansion and Luthra company.

He checks the signatures and says that both of them are little different from each other. She says it’s possible that Mahesh was not in his sense when he signed on Prithvi’s papers and it’s also possible that Prithvi made him drink to get his signature. Prithvi asks her to stop talking nonsense. Nagre asks him to wait. He asks Preeta that does she have any other original papers. She tells him that there is only one original papers which she gave it to him already.

Nagre announces that Preeta is sole owner of everything and she can throw anyone out of the house including Prithvi. He tears the papers which shocks everyone. Preeta asks him that what he did. He tells her that he destroyed her plan. He says that he came in front of Preeta first time but he knows about her already. He tells her that he is Prithvi’s friend too and she should not have given the original papers to him. She tells him that he did wrong by tearing her papers. Prithvi tauntingly tells her that he is feeling sad for her.

Preeta tells Nagre that he said that he gets to know about everyone before meeting them but he failed to know her. She says that she knows about him and reveals that when first time he end up in jail then he started studying law which shocks everyone. She tells him that she also gathers information about her enemy’s supporters. She says that she is just smart because the papers he tore are xerox copy of original papers. She asks Girish to bring the papers. Girish brings the papers. Prithvi snatches it from him and tears it.

Preeta tells him that, that one also copy only and why he didn’t wait till she completes her sentence. She tells Nagre that she is not stupid like Prithvi and she knows very well about them and after knowing also why she will give the original papers to him. He asks her to not fly because he can prepare new papers. She asks him that how he will get signature. He asks her to not worry about that and tells her to leave the house within 24 hours. He tells her that he saved Munna pandey from punishment who killed many people in single day and if he said then Munna pandey will kill her too.

Episode ends.

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