Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Update: Prithvi attempts to kill Preeta


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Episode begins with Bodhi hotel Manager gives the CCTV footage to Preeta and apologizes to her for not giving statement in the court. She tells him that he helped her already and she can understand him. They notices Prithvi. Preeta runs from there and Prithvi chases her. In the court, Sameer tells Judge that when he dropped Karan that time money bag was not in the car. Karan tells Judge that he don’t know that how the money bag came into his car. Prosecutor mocks Karan. He shows Karan and Sandesh’s picture. Karan says that Sandesh is his fan. Prosecutor shows the pictures which Prithvi clicked in Karan’s room.

Preeta hides from Prithvi. She asks God to help her to reach the court on time. Prithvi notices Preeta’s car and asks Preeta to come out. He adds that she is getting late for court. She runs from there. He throws stone at her and she falls down. He notices the proofs and tells her that she can’t take them to the court and she lost now. She tells him that she won’t lose and kicks him and runs from there. She gets in her car and leaves from there. He follows her in his car.

He asks her to stop the car but she drives fast. She stops the car seeing Prithvi not following her. She hides the proofs and gets shocked seeing Prithvi’s car in front of her car. Prithvi tells himself that Preeta went against him always so she is his enemy. And she has no rights to live so she has to die now. He hits Preeta’s car.

Meanwhile, Karan screams Preeta’s name and tries to leave from the court. Police catches him. Malkani tells Karan that the latter can’t behave like this in the court. Judge warns Karan. Karan says that he was not escaping. Prosecutor asks Karan to explain the picture. Karan tells him that he is not in that picture. Prosecutor tells Judge that Karan involved in the match-fixing to earn money easily. Karan tells Judge that he loves his cricket and his family and he never do anything to disappoint them. Judge asks him to submit proof to prove his innocence instead of giving an emotional speech. Sherlyn smriks hearing him.

On the other hand, injured Prithvi wakes up. He gets out of his car with rod and drags Preeta out of her car. She falls down on the floor and wakes up. He tells her that he hates her so much for forcing him to do all this. He tells her that he still loves her little bit that’s why he didn’t wanted to kill her but now he need to close her chapter. She beat him up and puts him in her car dicky. She leaves from there. In the court, Karan says that he would not have clicked picture if he took money for match-fixing then. Malkani tells Judge that Sandesh is just a pawn and someone else is behind all this.

Episode ends.

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