Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2022 Written Update: Preeta threatens Nagre


Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Nagre informs Preeta that it’s him who gave idea to Prithvi to get Mahesh’s signature. He says that if she is smart then he is smart and dangerous. She tells him that he failed to notice something else also. She shows the pen to him which she was holding till now and tells him that it’s not a pen but camera and she recorded everything including his threat and confession which shocks everyone. She tells him that if she showed this to any good lawyer then the latter will lose his lawyer license for sure.

He tries to take the pen from her but he could not. He is about to leave but she stops him saying that they treats their guest very well. She pushes Prithvi aside and sits on the chair. She asks Sherlyn to make tea for everyone. Sherlyn goes to the kitchen. Kritika follows her and tells her she hates Preeta. Sherlyn asks her that why she has to make tea for Nagre. She thinks that Kritika still has soft corner for Preeta.

Dadi asks Rakhi that why the latter praising Preeta when Preeta is not supporting them against Prithvi. Rakhi tells her that they could not stand against Prithvi and Prithvi was ruling everything with Nagre’s help so she is happy that someone standing against Prithvi and Nagre. Dadi tells her that Preeta doing everything for herself and she hates both Preeta and Prithvi.

Kritika says that still she could not believe that Preeta turned out like this. Sherlyn asks her that whom the latter will choose between Prithvi and Preeta. Kritika tells her that she will choose Prithvi over Preeta anytime. Sameer praises about Preeta to Karan. Karan tells him that Preeta looked different today. Preeta enters her room and thinks that old Preeta would not have behaved like this. She praises herself and motivates herself.

Nagre tells Prithvi that the latter made big mistake. Prithvi tells him that he is worried about tomorrow because his future depends on tomorrow. Nagre tells him that the latter is loser. He asks him that why the latter didn’t said him about Preeta’s personality. Prithvi asks him to say what they has to do next instead of praising Preeta.

Nagre tells him that Preeta has power to ruin him. Prithvi tells him that the latter disappointed him and now he has to teach a lesson to Preeta. Nagre asks him that why Preeta didn’t throw him out of the house still. Kritika gives tea to Nagre and leaves the room. Prithvi tells Nagre that because of Kritika he entered this house and mostly still staying in this house.

Karan is about to fall and Preeta holds him. She asks him that why he keep stumbling. She tells him that he is not able to see anything because of his drinking behaviour. She says that he is her husband officially but she is his boss. He reminds her that how many times he saved her when she was about to fall. She tells him that he has to wake up at 5am which shocks him.

She says that he just brought lose for her as a businessman so he will go back as a cricketer. She tells him that if he became famous cricketer then she can cover the loss he caused by using his popularity. She says that he is good at cricket so he has to become famous cricketer and he can leave now. She thinks that she want to bring back the old Karan and she has to behave like this with him for his and this family’s sake.

Episode ends.

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