Kundali Bhagya 11th November 2022 Written Update: Arjun talks to Kavya without Preeta’s knowledge 


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Episode begins with Luthras congratulates Rishabh. Rishabh notices smile on Preeta’s face. He tells her that he wanted to see this. Mahesh teases him. Rishabh says that everyone was sad nowadays so it’s good to see them happy. Srishti agrees with him. Rakhi tells Preeta that Kavya’s health is better now. She says that Kavya had fever due to fear. Rishabh says that they can fill the form tomorrow. Preeta tells him that Kavya is sleeping now so they can return before Kavya gets up. Srishti tells Sameer that Rishabh started loving Preeta. Sameer agrees with her. 

On the other hand, Anjali taunts Arjun for ignoring her compliment. She learns that Arjun has been nominated for best business leader award and she informs about it to Arjun. She congratulates him. She tells him that Rishabh will get jealous if he got to know about it then. Arjun tells her that it’s just a beginning. 

Rishabh and Preeta reaches to fill the form. Rishabh goes to parking area to get the thing which he forgot. Preeta gets shocked seeing Anjali there. She learns that both Rishabh and Arjun going to get best business leader award. She asks staff to exclude Rishabh if Arjun is involved then. Arjun hears everything. Rishabh returns. Preeta tells him everything. Anjali says that they are business competitors now. Staff says that if their partnership is over then Rishabh or Arjun will get the award. She informs them that award function will happen in two weeks. 

Rakhi gets panicked when praying to God. Dadi asks her that what happened to her. Rakhi says that something bad going to happen with Karan. Dadi tells her that Karan went to God. Rakhi gets worried about Rishabh too. She cries talking about Karan. Dadi consoles her. Srishti overhears their conversation. She thinks that Karan and Rishabh are Rakhi’s life. 

Kavya calls Preeta and tells her that she want to go to school. Preeta asks her to take rest for few days. Kavya tells her that she want to meet her friends and she is fine. Preeta agrees to drop Kavya in the school. Arjun hears everything. Anjali asks him that why he looks tensed. He tells her that Kavya is not well so he want to meet Kavya. She reminds him about Preeta’s legal warning. He tells her that he want to talk to Kavya atleast. She agrees to help him. She tells him that she is not convinced with all this but helping him for his happiness. She asks him to win best business leader award for her and leaves from there. 

Preeta and Rishabh drops Kavya at school. Anjali meets Kavya. Preeta realises that she forgot the tiffin box in Rishabh’s car. She calls Rishabh and asks him to give the tiffin box to Kavya. Anjali calls Arjun and gives the phone to Kavya. Kavya tells Arjun that she is angry at him for not coming to meet her. He tells her that he came to meet her but she was sleeping. She tells him that she missed him so much. She asks him to meet her at evening. He agrees to meet her. 

Episode ends. 

Episode begins with Rakhi and Dadi talks about Rishabh and Preeta getting worried for Kavya. Rakhi says that Arjun worried for Kavya like Kavya is his daughter. Dadi tells her that Arjun love Kavya so much and it’s visible in his face. Rakhi agrees with her. She says that Preeta hate Arjun so much. Dadi praises Arjun. She is upset that no one praised Arjun for his bravery. Rakhi tells her that she stayed silent for Preeta. Dadi hugs her.

On the other hand, Arjun tells Preeta that he did not hire Raja for anything. Preeta tells him that Raja tried to kill Kavya because Raja has enmity with Arjun. She says that she will make sure that Arjun never goes near Kavya. She says that Kavya is nothing for Arjun. She adds that Arjun is danger for Kavya. He tells her that he will meet Kavya and no one can stop him from meeting his daughter. He throw away the court order. She tells him that she just came to give restraining order and if Arjun want to end up in jail then she don’t care about it. She leaves from there with Rishabh.

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