Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2022 Written Update: Rishabh and Preeta cut the wedding anniversary cake


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Episode begins with Taapsee Pannu enters Luthra mansion. Rishabh thanks her for coming. He introduces his family to her. Sameer tells Taapsee that he is her huge fan. Srishti tells Taapsee that the latter is Sameer’s crush. Arjun and Preeta comes there. They collides with each other. He holds her. Taapsee says that they are looking good together. Rishabh tells her that Preeta is his wife. She apologizes to him. Preeta hugs her. Arjun tells Taapsee that he would have prepared for something if he knew about her arrival then. They goes to cut the cake. Anjali brings the cake. Taapsee collides with Prithvi. Lights goes off. Prithvi runs from there. Taapsee notices Arjun staring Preeta. She tells Preeta that she feels like someone returned in her life. She asks her to be careful.

Rishabh and Preeta cut the cake. They feeds cake to Luthra family and Taapsee. They feeds each other. Taapsee congratulates Rishabh and Preeta and leaves from there. Preeta offers cake to Kavya. Bunty finds jewels in Rakhi’s room. He and Sherlyn hides hearing footsteps. Rakhi enters the room. She notices the cupboard which is open. She thinks that she forgot to close it. She closes it. She takes gifts and she hears a noise.

Arjun asks Preeta that why she did not feed cake Rishabh first. He says that he can understand that it’s been five years to their marriage. She asks him that why he did not marry yet. She tells him that he is weird. He asks her that why she is talking to him and leaves from there. She goes to Rishabh. Rakhi asks that who is there. Sherlyn gets worried hearing her. Rakhi threatens to call Rishabh. Sherlyn signals Bunty to make Rakhi unconscious. Srishti comes there. She takes Rakhi from there.

Sherlyn cries. Bunty asks her that why she is crying. She tells him that she is really unlucky. She says that this house and these jewels were belonged to her but now she is here to steal these jewels. He also cries with her. She asks him that why he is crying. He tells her that he can’t see her crying. She asks him to stop crying. She slaps him. She says that she won’t leave Preeta. He tells her that he won’t leave Preeta too. She asks him to bring bag.

On the other hand, Prithvi asks Raja that where the latter went. Raja informs him that he want to fix phone jammers. Prithvi tells him that he snatches the phones. Raja asks him that what if they had two phones. Prithvi tells him that he did not think about it. He praises himself for joining hands with Raja. He picks dhol guy’s call and asks him to come inside.

Meanwhile, Anjali stops Arjun from drinking. He tells her that she is trying to become his boss. She tells him that he is trying to become Karan. He tells her that he need not to try that. She tells him to stay as Arjun because Arjun don’t love Preeta. She asks him that what exactly he wants. He tells her that she knows what he wants. He sees Preeta smiling with Rishabh. He asks that why she snatched his happiness.

Episode ends.

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