Kundali Bhagya 12th January 2022 Written Update: Police arrests Preeta in Nagre’s attempt to murder case


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Episode begins with Karan tells himself that he is not Preeta’s servant to listen her order. Sameer asks him that what happened. Karan ignores him and moves from there. He collides with Natasha and holds her. She thanks him. And he vents out his anger on her and leaves from there. Sameer smiles hearing him. He asks Natasha to not worry because Karan said those words because of the fight he had with Preeta. Meanwhile, Nagre asks Prithvi that is he sure that Preeta will do like he said. Prithvi tells him that he knows Preeta very well and also knows that what will trigger her. He calls someone.

Preeta asks Sherlyn about Nagre. Sherlyn tells her that she is not her personal secretary to update her everything. Preeta tells her that the latter doesn’t have qualification to become her secretary. Kareena tauntingly praises Preeta for handling Nagre. Preeta asks Sherlyn that what the latter did for this family in her absence. She says that if she was present then she would not have let Prithvi over take everything.

She reminds them that how Prithvi send Rishabh to jail and also how he put knife on Kritika’s neck. Kritika asks her that why the latter dragging her now. Preeta tells her that she just said the truth if it’s bitter then that’s not her problem. Sherlyn tells her that they don’t want to learn from her that what is right and what is wrong. Preeta asks her that whom the latter loves. Sherlyn hesitates to answer her. Preeta asks her to go to kitchen and cook healthy food for everyone.

Nagre comes there. Preeta asks him that did he liked the tea. He tells her that tea was good but she won’t like it with what he is going to do. She asks him to not talk without thinking. Prithvi taunts her. She scolds him for interfering. She says that he should be thankful that she didn’t throw him out of the house yet. He tells her that she can’t do anything against him. She warns him to not challenge her because she is just waiting for the right time. He tells her that she hates him still she can’t throw him out of the house. He says that if he wanted then he can fire Karan right now.

She gets angry and pushes him and orders him to leave the house. Nagre tells her that she can’t behave like this with his client and moves towards her. She pushes him and he falls down and acts like he is feeling dizzy. Nagre calls someone and Police comes there. He tells Police inspector to arrest Preeta in attempt to murder case. Rakhi defends Preeta saying that Nagre went into Preeta’s personal space that’s why Preeta reacted like that for her self defense. Preeta says that she did nothing wrong. Nagre tells her that she has to prove that in court. Police arrests Preeta and takes her from there.

On the other hand, Karan tells Sameer that Preeta told him to continue his cricket practice. Sameer tells him that he is happy because this is what Rishabh also wanted. Karan says that Rishabh can tell anything to him but not Preeta. They leaves for Luthra mansion. Nagre tells Preeta that now she would have understood him. She says that he is so childish and time will tell that what going to happen.

Episode ends.

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