Kundali Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update: Nidhi refuses to help Anjali


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Episode begins with Preeta slaps Anjali. Karan beat Sambhu and other goons. Anjali tells Priyanka to shift the baby to another location. Srishti and Preeta surrounds Priyanka. Preeta takes the baby from Priyanka and Srishti slaps Priyanka. Anjali pushes Preeta and the baby falls on the sofa. Anjali attacks Preeta. Preeta takes the rod and also her baby. She threatens to kill Anjali. Police comes there. They arrests Anjali, Sambhu and Priyanka. Anjali tells Nidhi that the latter must be happy seeing her like this. She says that Nidhi can’t be her sister.

Nidhi scolds her for not regretting still. Anjali tells her that she did nothing wrong. Srishti slaps Anjali. She lashes out at her. She warns her to don’t roam around the babies. She thanks Nidhi for everything. Police takes Anjali from there. Nidhi cries. Srishti tells Nidhi that she can understand the latter must be in pain seeing all this. Nidhi tells her that she just had Anjali as family and she lost her family today. She says that she can’t face anyone and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Kavya plays with her brother. Karan, Preeta and Srishti comes there with baby. Everyone gets happy seeing the baby. Kavya says that she missed her brother so much. Rakhi tells Preeta to take rest. Mahesh informs them that tomorrow is ‘naamkaran’ ceremony. Karan and Preeta goes inside with their babies. Rakhi thanks God.

Police puts Anjali, Sambhu and Priyanka behind bars. Anjali screams that she won’t stay in that dirty place. Police inspector taunts her. She tells him that she want to talk to Nidhi once. On the other hand, Kavya tells her parents that it’s time to sleep. They falls asleep.

Nidhi meets Anjali in the police station. Anjali says that she had valid reasons to do all that. Nidhi tells her that the latter can’t justify her actions. Anjali says that Nidhi would not have give up on Karan if she loved him then. Nidhi tells her that the latter don’t know what is love. Anjali tells her that she want to go to house, because she is feeling suffocated in the police station. Nidhi tells her that she can’t trust her sister. She says that Anjali has to stay there to realise her mistakes. Anjali says that she don’t regret for anything. Nidhi tells her that the latter need doctor. Anjali tells her that she need Karan. Nidhi leaves from there.

Kavya sees someone taking her brother. And she follows that person. Karan wakes up and searches Kavya and his baby. Everyone gathers in the hall except Preeta. Karan tells them that someone took Kavya and his baby. Karan sees Srishti having the baby. Everyone comes there and scolds Srishti. Srishti says that she did not got chance to spend time with the baby. Rishabh tells her that he can understand but she did wrong. Kavya says that they planned to go for long drive. Kareena tells Srishti and Sameer to have baby if they love babies so much then. Srishti asks that why she should try when she has readymade baby.

Episode ends.