Kundali Bhagya 12th September 2023 Written Update: Shambhu tries to warn Nidhi about Preeta


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Episode begins with Karan wonders that why he is behaving childish. Rakhi comes there and asks him to give the balloon to her. But he refuses to give the balloon to her. He says that balloon came to him so it’s belongs to him. She laughs and leaves from there. He says that he won’t let the balloon go anywhere. On the other hand, Shambhu calls Nidhi from unknown number. Nidhi picks the call and disconnects it after hearing his voice.

Next day, Preeta asks Srishti that if the latter is free because they have to go to Luthra house. Srishti tells her that she is not free and she can’t do that important work without Preeta. Preeta asks her about important work. Srishti remains silent. Gurpreet gives tea to them. Shanaya comes there and takes one cup. Mohit snatches that cup from Shanaya and drinks tea saying that, that’s his tea.

Preeta thinks that she know Srishti don’t have any important work and Srishti lied to stop her from going to Luthra house. She decides to go to Luthra house alone. Rajveer comes there. Shanaya calls him as Raj and says that she love this name and leaves from there. Srishti teases Rajveer. Mohit tells her that nothing is going on between Rajveer and Shanaya.

Gurpreet tells Shanaya to not flirt with Rajveer. She says that something is going on between Rajveer and Palki. Shanaya tells her Palki said she don’t have feelings for Rajveer and goes inside. Palki comes there. Gurpreet asks Palki that if anything is going on between Rajveer and Shanaya. Palki nods at her and goes inside. Gurpreet tells herself that her heart says Rajveer is in Palki’s destiny.

Srishti says that Rajveer don’t have car so he can’t drop both Shanaya and Palki at Luthra house. Palki says that she is habituated to travel alone. Preeta tells her that the latter can accompany her. Srishti looks at Preeta. Preeta realises that what she said. She tells Palki that she is going somewhere else later.

Karan tells Rakhi that he has to go for inauguration function and he don’t know what he should wear. He searches Rishabh to take his help. Rakhi tells him that Nidhi will help him. Nidhi goes to Karan’s room. Karan tells Rakhi that Nidhi’s choice is worst. He goes inside. Rajveer, Palki and Shanaya comes there. Girish brings his wife Girija there. Rakhi tells Girija to be careful with Nidhi.

Preeta enters Luthra house through back door and she searches Nidhi. She says that she can get answers from Nidhi only. Girija sees Preeta and thinks that Preeta is Karan’s wife.

Shaurya asks Nidhi to help him to select outfits for upcoming functions. Nidhi tells him that Khurana sisters are weird. He learns that Rajveer came with Palki and goes downstairs. She wonders that Shaurya is interested in whom. She goes to Karan’s room. Preeta crosses Karan’s room. Karan feels Preeta’s presence.

Episode ends.