Kundali Bhagya 13th June 2022 Written Update: Luthras asks Rishabh to marry Preeta


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Episode begins with Preeta says that she is pregnant with Karan’s baby and cries. Rakhi asks her to not cry. She adds that they won’t believe Prithvi and they won’t suspect Preeta’s character at any cost. Dadi says that they trust Preeta but Prithvi is devil and how they are going to handle him. Kareena says that they need not to worry about Prithvi. Kritika tells her that Prithvi will lie to others too so they have to do something. Mahesh says that he knows what they should do. He reminds Dadi about ‘chadar dalna’. She understands that what he is suggesting.

She says that young widows are gets blamed always so they will perform ‘chadar dalna’ for Preeta. Rakhi and Kareena agrees with her. Mahesh says that he needs Rishabh’s help. Rishabh says that he is ready to help. He asks them that what is ‘chadar dalna’ and what he has to do. Rakhi says that they needs Preeta’s help too. Dadi explains about ‘chadar dalna’. Mahesh asks Rishabh to marry Preeta. Rishabh asks him that if this is the time to talk about all this. Mahesh says that Preeta’s baby needs a father.

Preeta runs to her room and locks herself in a room. She tells Karan’s picture that they are talking about separating them. She adds that she can’t get separated from him. Everyone asks Preeta to open the door. Rishabh scolds the elders for talking about ‘chadar dalna’. Everyone pleads Preeta to open the door. Rishabh and Sameer breaks the door. Preeta tells Srishti that she won’t get separated from Karan. Rishabh tells her that no one will separate her from Karan. He adds that everyone loves her and asks her to not misunderstand them.

On the other hand, Sherlyn scolds Prithvi for telling Luthras that Preeta is pregnant with his baby. She reminds him that Luthras knows his truth already. He tells her that he knows that no one will trust him. He says that everything will go the way he wants. She tells him that Luthras were talking about Preeta and Rishabh’s marriage. He tells her that Preeta won’t marry Rishabh. She tells him that Preeta will marry Rishabh for her baby’s sake. He asks her to stop talking nonsense and leaves from there. She says that Prithvi ruined everything.

Meanwhile, Preeta cries recalling that how Karan fell from the dam. Rakhi asks her to not torture herself. Beeji tells Preeta that it won’t be easy to live alone. Rakhi pleads Preeta to marry Rishabh for the latter’s baby sake. She tells her that her baby deserves to get a father’s love and Rishabh can give that love to her baby.

Rishabh cries recalling the moments he shared with Karan. Mahesh consoles him. Rishabh tells him that Preeta is Karan’s love and how can he marry Preeta. Dadi tells him that he has to fulfill his responsibilities. He tells her that he is ready to sacrifice himself and he need not to marry Preeta to fulfill his responsibility.

Episode ends.

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