Kundali Bhagya 13th November 2023 Written Update: Goons begins their mission


Kundali Bhagya 13th November 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Amy and Sandy talks about girls. Rajveer comes there and says that Sandy’s friends are goons. He takes Sandy’s phone to call the Police. He says that there is no network and leaves from there.

Shanaya recalls that how she saw Shaurya romancing a girl. Daljeet comes there and asks Shanaya that what happened. Shanaya tells her that nothing happened. Daljeet says that Shanaya would have seen Shaurya romancing a girl. Shanaya tells her everything. They worries about Shaurya’s reaction. Shaurya comes there. Daljeet runs from there. Shaurya asks Shanaya that why she did that. He tells her that he don’t like her. Shanaya tells him that, that girl is not good girl. He scolds her. He tells her to not disturb him if she saw him with a girl then. He leaves from there.

Kareena asks Shanaya that what happened. Shanaya tells her that Shaurya is angry at her. Kareena asks her that why Shaurya is angry at her. Shanaya lies to her that Shaurya wants her to impress Rakhi as soon as possible. Kareena tells her that they know Shaurya likes the latter so much. She says that it’s the right time to announce Shaurya and Shanaya’s marriage and leaves from there. Shanaya tells herself Shaurya should not have insulted her. She says that she will get Shaurya no matter what.

Goons decides to not steal anything and leaves from there. Rajveer, Sandy and Amy hears this. Amy and Sandy tells Rajveer that they won’t do anything.

Kavya asks Karan that if Preeta will like her. Karan asks her that what kind of question is this. She tells him that Preeta left when she was kid and after that Preeta never tried to contact her that’s why she has this doubt. She says that she just want Preeta’s presence beside her and little bit love from Preeta. She cries. He wipes her tears and asks her to not cry. He tells her that Preeta loves her so much. Rakhi and Rishabh comes there. Rakhi says that she will tell Preeta that Kavya become cry baby. She says that she will announce Shaurya and Shanaya’s engagement. Shanaya hears this. She thinks that everything is happening according to her plan.

Rajveer asks Gurpreet about Preeta. Gurpreet tells him that she told Preeta to go to hospital to see Srishti.

Shanaya apologizes to Luthras. She says that Shaurya is angry because of her. Rakhi tells her that they know about Shaurya’s anger. Shanaya says that she and Shaurya love each other so much but in anger he says he don’t love her and he won’t marry her. She adds that Shaurya is angry at her so he said he don’t love her. Luthras consoles Shanaya.

Shaurya tells Sandy and Amy about Shanaya. Karan and Mahesh comes there. Karan tells Shaurya to control his anger. Mahesh tells Karan to control his anger. He says that Shaurya is xerox copy of Karan. Karan denies him. They gets shocked hearing bullet sound. Rajveer glares Sandy and Amy. Goon tells Rishabh that the latter was right.

Episode ends.