Kundali Bhagya: Srishti kidnaps Mahira with Kidnapp


Karan is going to be married to Mahira in the show Kundali Bhagya . The last time Karan broke Preeta’s marriage. This time Preeta is busy trying to break up Karan’s marriage. In such a situation, Srishti i.e. Preeta’s sister made a plan. After making Preeta a waiter, she sent Karan to her house and Srishti herself goes to Mahira’s room to prepare her.

Mahira had invited people from China for her bridal makeup. But instead of becoming a Chinese lady, Srishti enters the room of Mahira and starts doing her makeup. In such a situation, she kidnaps Mahira and ties her arms and legs.

Preeta does not know about this. On the other hand, Karan sees Preeta but does not recognize the people in the party. Karan understands that he is a waiter, in such a situation, he calls the waiter and starts speaking his heart to him. Preeta is listening attentively to Karan. Karan says with a broken heart that the waiter is also a boy, so he will give him an advice that never love someone whom you hate.

Preeta silently listens to Karan and stands up. In the upcoming episode today, it will be shown that when Preeta comes to Mahira’s room with Srishti, she will ask how did Mahira happen. Mahira will see the waiter, Preeta and try to create a ruckus. Will Mahira be able to spoil Preeta and Srishti’s game now? Will Karan be married to Mahira? This is going to be quite interesting to know.

Let me tell you, Mahira wanted Karan and wanted to marry him. But Karan decided to marry Preeta suddenly and forcibly married her. In such a situation, Mahira became very sad. But now the game changed so much that Kana said yes to the family for a second marriage. Now Mahira is going to be the daughter-in-law of Luthra Family. Mahira jumps in the meantime and her attitude also starts changing that now she is going to be married to Da Karan Luthra. Read the updates of horoscope fortune to know if Mahira’s dream of becoming bride of Luthra family will be fulfilled.