Kundali Bhagya 14th January 2022 Written Update: Nagre’s men kidnap Preeta


Kundali Bhagya 14th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Preeta recalls Nagre’s words. She thinks that she provoked Nagre too much but she could not control herself. Driver stops the jeep near check post. Everyone gets afraid seeing Police. Constable says that she already said that she won’t involve in these kind of matters and runs from there. Preeta gets confused with their behaviour. Police inspector tells Driver to return. Preeta realises that they are fake Police. Original Police follows the jeep.

On the other hand, Karan asks that why Preeta will kill anyone. Prithvi tells him that if she can kill her own daughter then she can kill anyone. Karan gets angry and attacks him. Prithvi asks him that why the latter supporting Preeta when it’s her who ruined his family. They hits each other. Karan tells him that Preeta did nothing. Kareena asks them to stop fighting. Karan says that he will bring Preeta from Police station. Kareena and Rakhi takes him inside.

Prithvi screams that Karan became mad in Preeta’s love. He says that he saved Luthra’s from Preeta and if they want to live in this house then they has to follow his rules. He orders them to make Karan understand this. Kritika notices Prithvi’s hand injury. She asks him that can she bandage his hand which shocks Sherlyn.

Meanwhile, Preeta asks fake Police to stop the jeep. She realises that they are kidnapping her. She asks them to leave her otherwise they will regret. They warns her to stay silent. She learns that they are Nagre’s men. She screams for help and tries to remove the handcuff.

Kareena asks Sameer to bring the first aid box. Karan tells her that he is fine. She says that no one gets a chance to speak in this house except the latter, Preeta and Prithvi. She asks him to look at Rakhi. Rakhi asks her to calm down. Karan tells Kareena that he won’t follow Prithvi and Nagre’s instructions. She tells him that he can’t stay silent because they said something about Preeta then when will he think about his own family. She says that Rishabh is not here and if anything happens to the latter then what will they do. She cries hugging him. He tells her that he knows that she loves him so much.

Natasha takes the first aid box from Sameer and treats Karan’s injury. Meanwhile, Kritika treats Prithvi’s injury. He stares her and thinks that he needs Luthra’s on his side especially Kritika. He thanks her and she leaves the room. He asks Sherlyn to come out. He tells her that he needs her help for upcoming blast. She asks him that what happened with Preeta.

In the jungle, fake Police shots to kill Preeta but fails in the first attempt. Prithvi calls fake Police and learns that Preeta is dead and he informs about it to Sherlyn. Preeta tells fake Police that she is ready to give more money than Nagre. Fake Police stops the jeep near cliff. They pushes the jeep in the cliff.

Episode ends.

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