Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2023 Written Update: Luthras hides from goons


Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with goon leader tells Rishabh that the latter know him. Rishabh tells him to not harm his family and they can talk. Mahesh tries to move so goon points gun towards the former. Rajveer comes in between Mahesh and goon to save Mahesh. Karan and Mahesh gets shocked seeing this. Mahesh asks goon leader that what the latter want. Goon leader takes Luthras name. He asks Rajveer that why the latter came to save Luthras. He notices Shaurya and Rajveer are wearing same design outfit. He asks themthat if they are brothers. Shaurya gets angry hearing this. He asks him that how can the latter say like that. He says that they are not afraid of goons.

One of the goon says that he damaged the CCTV cameras and panic button. He adds that security guards are unconscious and laughs. Goon leader says that his team is professional. He adds that he murdered someone and Rishabh know about it. Rishabh asks goon leader that if the latter is Shekhar who killed his boss. Shekhar tells him that it’s time for revenge. Kavya tells goons that they can get many jewels from the locker and locker key is in her room and runs from there. Luthra men beat goons up. Meanwhile, Preeta regains her consciousness and she notices Kritika. She decides to tell about goons to Luthras.

Shanaya asks Shaurya that what is he doing. Shaurya tells her that he is trying to call the Police but no signal. She sees goons and drags him to the room. They falls on the floor. He asks her that what is she doing. Goons comes there. Shanaya tells Shaurya that she tried to save him from goons. Goon points a gun towards Shaurya. Daljeet comes there and saves Shaurya and Shanaya.

Preeta tells Nidhi about goons. Nidhi refuses to believe her. She tells her to leave from there. Preeta tells her that Luthras in danger. Nidhi tells her to stay away from Luthras. Gurpreet comes there and scolds Nidhi. She tells Nidhi about goons. Nidhi says that she has to hide and goes inside. Preeta goes to save Luthras.

Karan takes Kareena to a room. He tells her to stay there and lock the door from inside. He leaves from there to save his family. He sees goons and tells them to leave from there. He says that he will call the Police. Shekhar tells him that they won’t get network because he applied device. Karan says that he has satellite phone and runs from there. Goons chases Karan.

Shaurya talks about Palki to Daljeet and Shanaya. Shanaya notices this. He tells Shanaya and Daljeet to hide in the room and leaves from there. Shanaya and Daljeet enters Nidhi’s room. Nidhi tells them to leave from the room. Shanaya yells at Nidhi. Nidhi slaps Shanaya. And it turns out to be Shanaya’s dream.

Mahesh says that he can attack goons using marbles. Rishabh tells Mahesh that that’s not possible. Rakhi believes Mahesh and goes with him. Few more goons reaches Luthra house. Shekhar asks locker key from Kavya. Kavya runs from there. Goons searches Kavya.

Episode ends.