Kundali Bhagya 15th August 2022 Written Update: Arjun determines to save Luthras


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Episode begins with dhol guy’s enters Luthra mansion. Luthras and Prithvi dances. Arjun notices Preeta dancing with Rishabh. He starts dancing. Preeta notices that Arjun dancing the way Karan used to dance. Dhol guy’s leaves from there. Kareena tells Prithvi that he danced well. Raja closes the door from inside on Prithvi’s behest. Rishabh asks Prithvi that who is the latter to order like this. Prithvi tells him that he is not guest but goon. He takes his gun out. He threatens to kill them if they tried to act smart then. He orders his men to snatch the phones from everyone.

Arjun enters the kitchen and he drinks water. He eats cashews. He takes apple. Preeta sees everything. She tells him that he is roaming in the kitchen like it’s his house. She asks him that how he knows that which box has cashews. He is about to leave but she holds his hand to stop him. She asks him to answer her question.

Prithvi eats the cake. He asks Luthras that why they are glaring him. He feeds cake to Raja. Rishabh thinks that he is glad Preeta, Arjun and Kavya are not there. Sameer tells Mahesh that Srishti is not there. Mahesh says that he is glad atleast Srishti is safe. Raja says that one girl is missing.

Arjun tells Preeta that he thought she is intelligent but he was wrong. He says that he was wrong about her always. He recalls that how she pushed him from the dam. He tells her that he visited this kitchen many times today and his memory power is strong. He asks her that if he can eat this apple. She tells him that he is guest today so he can eat and leaves from there. He decides to not eat apple and follows her.

Kavya tells Preeta that Mohan is unconscious in a room. Arjun asks Preeta that who is Mohan. Preeta tells him that Mohan is their servant. Kavya says that Mohan’s mouth is tied up. Preeta tells Kavya to hide in her room until she comes. Kavya runs from there. Arjun and Preeta goes to check Mohan.

Prithvi says that Preeta is missing. Raja says that he was talking about someone else. He adds that Arjun and Anjali are missing too. Preeta notices everything from upstairs. Rishabh sees Preeta. Arjun drags Preeta from there before Prithvi sees her. Prithvi tells Raja to go upstairs and check because something is fishy.

Luthras argues with Prithvi. Mahesh threatens to call the Police. Prithvi reveals that he fixed phone jammers. He pushes Mahesh. Kareena pushes Prithvi. He is about to hit her but Rishabh hits him. Luthras fights with goons. Prithvi breaks Karan’s photo by mistake.

Arjun drags Preeta to the room. He tells her that goons have gun. He says that even Anjali is there. He refers her as Preeta Karan Luthra. He says that now she will say that that’s not her name. She tells him that that was also her name. She says that her family is in danger. He tells her that he will save everyone. Dadi brings her friend there. Dadi’s friend blesses Arjun and Preeta. Dadi clears her friend’s misunderstanding.

Episode ends.

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