Kundali Bhagya 15th Jan 2020: Sherlyn made a dangerous plan to get Preeta out of the way, Mahira fell to such an extent to get Karan

Kundali Bhagya 15th Jan 2020 upcoming story on serialgossip.in

Kundali Bhagya 15 Jan 2020, Preview Episode: The story is going to have a tremendous twist in the show Kundali Bhagya . Karan and Preeta are once again approaching each other. Karan is looking for excuses to talk to Preeta. So at the same time Mahira is getting ashes by doing water.

In such a situation, she has now joined hands with Sherlyn. Mahira wants that Karan becomes her. So she has now joined Sherlyn’s cheap plan. Sherlyn tells Mahira that she will now kill Preeta. On hearing this, Mahira becomes shocked.

She again asks Sherlyn if you will really kill her. So Sherlyn answers yes. Even after hearing Sherlyn’s dirty intentions, Mahira does not back down and she agrees to support Sherlyn. Sherlyn Mahira is ready to play her tricks but in the upcoming episodes it can be shown that Sherlyn is none of them. Sherlyn can also cheat Mahira.

Mahira will get a shock in the show when Sherlyn’s plan will not succeed. On the contrary, she will become evil in the eyes of everyone. Karan himself will arrive there to save Preeta. Karan Preeta has come close to each other right now. These people are quite happy to see the fans in the show. At present, it is being shown in the show that the grandmother has sprained her leg. Preeta treats Dadi.

She goes to the storeroom to get medicine where there is no light, then Karan comes to her on the pretext of helping Preeta. With Preeta, he is talking about his heart, then Preeta runs away.

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