Kundali Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update: Sherlyn swaps places with Preeta to marry Rishabh


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Episode begins with Rishabh tells Preeta that he want to talk to her. Preeta nods at him. He tells her that Karan is important for him too. He says that he knows that how much she and Karan loved each other. He tells her that he won’t become her life partner but he will support her always. He adds that no one can snatch Karan from Preeta and he is marrying her for Karan and Karan’s baby. And she will be his friend only after marriage too. He gives handkerchief to her. She accepts it and wipes her tears. He leaves the room.

On the other hand, Prithvi recalls that how Preeta throw him out of the house. He calls Sherlyn and asks her that if she want to become Rishabh’s wife. She tells him that, that’s not possible. She recalls that how Rishabh threatened to file a case against her if she won’t sign on the divorce papers then. She informs him that she signed on the divorce papers. She adds that she even tried to instigate Karan against Rishabh and Preeta but everything is over now. He asks her that if she want to marry Rishabh. She tells him that she want Luthras properties so she will do anything for it. She asks him about his plan.

Meanwhile, Mahesh asks Rishabh to not get angry that he is forcing him to marry Preeta. He tells him that he can’t leave Preeta alone and he don’t want anyone to accuse Preeta like Prithvi. He adds that baby also deserves a father’s love. Rishabh tells him that he can understand him. He adds that he will protect Preeta. Mahesh thanks him and hugs him. He takes him downstairs.

Prithvi sneaks into the Luthra house and says that last time Karan took his place to marry Preeta but this time bride swap will happen. Sherlyn comes there wearing a saree like Preeta. Priest asks Luthras to call the bride. Rakhi and Beeji goes to Preeta’s room. Beeji asks Preeta that if the latter is ready. Rakhi asks Preeta to trust her. She adds that she took this decision after thinking a lot and she is doing the right thing. And she is sure that Preeta’s future will be good. She makes Preeta wear the veil.

They moves out of the room. Sherlyn makes Rakhi slip so Beeji goes to Rakhi. Prithvi closes Preeta’s mouth and gives Preeta’s veil to Sherlyn. He drags Preeta inside the room. Sherlyn wears the veil. Rakhi and Beeji takes Sherlyn downstairs. Sherlyn thinks that today Prithvi will marry Preeta too.

In the store room, Prithvi threatens the Priest to chant the marriage mantras. He warns Preeta to not scream because he can harm her baby. Srishti notices Sherlyn’s hand and goes to Preeta’s room. Sameer follows her. Srishti tells him that, that’s not Preeta who is sitting beside Rishabh. She hears Preeta’s voice and moves towards the store room. Sameer follows her. They gets shocked seeing Prithvi with Preeta.

Episode ends.

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