Kundali Bhagya 15th September 2021 Written Update: Sherlyn suspects Sonakshi’s intention


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The episode begins with Karan calls Rishabh and learns that the latter is returning and he informs about it to Preeta. Pihu asks that who is Rishabh. Karan replies her that Rishabh is his elder brother. She asks him that then why she don’t have any elder brother. He gets surprised for a second and tells her that she is elder that’s why. She asks him that then why she don’t have any younger brother. He tells her that Preeta will answer for this question. Preeta tells him that he should answer. Pihu tells them that her friend’s mother gave baby to her friend. She asks them that when they will give baby to her. Karan tells her that it depends on Preeta but Preeta keep scolding him. Pihu asks Preeta to not scold Karan.

On the other hand, Prithvi waits for Sherlyn in her room. She enters the room and tells him that Sonakshi playing with them. He defends Sonakshi saying that Sonakshi is such a innocent girl who is trapped in this situation. She receives Rishabh’s message and learns that he is returning and she informs about it to Prithvi. He tells her that he should steal Luthra’s business papers as soon as possible and leaves the room. She wonders that why Rishabh returning from London now.

Rakhi enters Karan’s room. She tells Preeta that they should go to market tomorrow to buy silver Ganesh idol to gifts to their guests who comes to attend Ganesh Utsav. Karan tells her that they should celebrate in grand way because it’s Pihu’s first Ganesh Utsav in Luthra house. Pihu tells Preeta that she wants new dress. Sameer comes there and decides to play with Pihu. Preeta tells them that it’s time for Pihu to sleep. Karan tells her that let’s play for sometime.

Sonakshi hears Pihu’s voice and smiles. She talks about Pihu to Nurse. She tells her that she also wants to get close to Pihu. Nurse asks her about the relationship the latter shares with Pihu. Sonakshi tells her that Pihu is her daughter and realises that what she said.

Pihu plays with Sameer, Karan and Preeta. Karan and Preeta argues with each other again. Pihu asks them to say sorry to each other and hug each other. Rakhi asks Karan to not hesitate so he hugs Preeta. Kareena comes there and informs Rakhi about Pihu’s Nanny. Preeta tells them that they don’t need Nanny because she can take care of Pihu. Rakhi tells her that Nanny is just a helping hand.

Next day, Pihu hides beside Sonakshi’s room. Sonakshi signals Pihu to come to her. Pihu goes to her. Karan comes there. Pihu asks Sonakshi that who is the latter for her. Sonakshi tells her that she is Preeta’s friend. Pihu runs from there. Sonakshi thanks Karan for letting her stay in Luthra house. He tells her that he don’t want her to stay so the latter should thank Preeta and leaves from there. Preeta comes there and asks Sonakshi to get some rest.

Rakhi asks Sherlyn to give milk to Sonakshi. Sherlyn nods at her and goes to kitchen. Prithvi asks her that why the latter seems tensed. She tells him that Sonakshi playing game with them for sure. He refuses to believe her. She tells him that Sonakshi won’t leave for London. He tells her that Sonakshi is in Luthra house because of Preeta. He asks her to not imagine this much and not everyone is Preeta and Karan’s enemy. She tells him that he is duffer and soon he will see Sonakshi’s real face.

Episode ends.

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