Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2022 Written Update: Arjun decides to separate Rishabh and Preeta


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Episode begins with Preeta informs Rishabh that Anjali got bail due to Arjun. Rishabh asks her to not worry about anything. He says that his family members are with him and that’s enough for him. She tells him that everyone love him so much. She says that they should not talk about it now. She asks him to sleep on the bed today. On the other hand, Arjun recalls Preeta and Rishabh’s words when drinking alcohol. Anjali asks him that what happened. He tells her that Preeta loves Rishabh. He says that his love was not enough for Preeta and falls asleep. She tells him that she is with him always. She says that she won’t spare them.

Next day, Preeta notices that Rishabh’s sleep getting disturbed due to sun. She closes the curtain. She smiles recalling the moments she shared with Karan. Rishabh wakes up and he notices her. He says that he likes it when she smiles recalling the moments she shared with Karan. He wipes her tears saying that he don’t like it when she cries. He says that he promised to Karan that he will keep her happy always. She gives medicines to him. She tells him that he must be feeling bad. He tells her that he is just supporting her keeping his heart and mind aside.

Meanwhile, Arjun wakes up. He asks Anjali that what is she doing in his room. Anjali tells him that she needs increment for taking care of him. She asks him to drink once she leaves for London. He asks her that if she really want to go. She says that she want to go but she is not able to go. He tells her that she cares about him so much even though she is nothing for him. He says that he is not able to do anything wrong with Preeta but Preeta betrayed him easily. He adds that now Rishabh and Preeta trying to separate him from his daughter. She asks him to forget it. He tells her that he will separate Rishabh and Preeta and put Rishabh in jail. He goes to get ready. She thinks that it would have been good if he did not come to India.

In the Luthra house, Rakhi asks Rishabh that what is he doing downstairs. Rishabh asks her to not scream because if Preeta heard then he will end up in trouble. She says that Rishabh is not scared of his mother. Rishabh leaves for work. Preeta sees him leaving the house. She calls him and asks him that where is he now. He tells her that he is near only. She tells him that she know he left the house. She scolds him for leaving for office. He tells her that he is fine now and disconnects the call.

Srishti hears everything. She tells Preeta that she never saw a couple like Preeta and Rishabh. She says that she is glad Preeta got a husband like Rishabh not Arjun. Preeta tells her that no one deserves a husband like Arjun. Meanwhile, Snigdha’s Dadi asks Arjun to take her temple. They leaves the house.

Episode ends.

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