Kundali Bhagya 17th January 2022 Written Update: Prithvi plans to trap Karan in Preeta’s death case


Kundali Bhagya 17th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Nagre’s man clicks Preeta’s picture who is laying unconscious inside the jeep. They decides to leave from there because any time blast may happen. Prithvi calls Nagre’s man and asks to show live telecast to believe that Preeta is dead. He gets happy seeing Preeta and asks them to check Preeta’s pulse. They runs from there to escape from blast. They assures Prithvi that Preeta is dead and disconnects the call. Preeta moves her finger.

On the other hand, Karan tells Sameer that Preeta would not have done anything wrong with Nagre and it must Nagre’s trap so he is going to Police station. Sameer follows him. Sherlyn overhears their conversation and she informs about it to Prithvi. She says that if Karan visit Police station then he would get to know about fake Police. He tells her that Police will suspect Karan only in Preeta’s case. She asks him that why Karan will be blamed for Preeta’s death. She tells him that everyone will suspect him only not Karan.

She reminds him that Nagre called his men so original Police don’t have any record. Prithvi reveals that he called the original Police then he called again to stop them. He says that he can prove that Karan stopped original Police from reaching Luthra mansion then he called fake Police to kill Preeta. He asks her to get ready for party because tonight’s party is very important one for him. He shows Preeta’s picture to her. And she smiles seeing that.

Meanwhile, Preeta moves her hand and she regains her consciousness. She cries and screams Karan’s name for help. Karan enters the Police station and asks Police inspector that where is Preeta now and his Lawyer on the way with Preeta’s bail papers. Police inspector informs him that no one arrested Preeta.

Prithvi calls Nagre and asks him that if the latter saw picture. Nagre congratulates him. Prithvi tells him that he thought it must be hard to handle Preeta. Nagre tells him that Preeta is fire. Prithvi tells him that Preeta is dead and invites him for party. Nagre refuses saying that he is not well. Prithvi tells him that he needs the latter’s support and disconnects the call.

Preeta gets afraid seeing snake in front of her. She pleads snake to leave and prays to Shivji to save her. Snake leaves from there. She breaks the handcuff and escapes from there and blast happens. Sameer tells Karan that they has to leave. Police inspector asks Karan that what happened when the latter met Preeta last time. Karan tells him that he fought with her.

Prithvi enters Mahesh’s room and pours water on Mahesh. Mahesh screams saying that he don’t know swimming. Prithvi thanks him for everything. Police inspector suspects Karan. Karan tells him that the latter don’t that what Preeta matters for him. He informs him that Police arrested Preeta in the attempt to murder case of Nagre. Police inspector tells him that Nagre is dangerous and if Nagre is involved then Preeta is in danger. Sameer informs him that Nagre will attend party tonight. They leaves for Luthra mansion.

Episode ends.

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