Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2022 Written Update: Arjun gets ready to engage with Nidhi


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Episode begins with Preeta’s daughter Kavya comes downstairs. She tells Preeta that she will bring the latter’s phone. She asks Rakhi to tell Preeta that how to scold Rishabh and runs from there. Rakhi recalls Rishabh and Karan’s fight. She thinks that Kavya is exactly like Karan. Preeta tells Rakhi that Rishabh must be busy. Kavya brings Preeta’s phone and gives it to Preeta. Preeta moves aside. Kareena says that Kavya gets happy when someone scolds Rishabh. She asks Rakhi to understand that Rishabh must be busy. Rakhi tells her that Rishabh should not skip breakfast for work. Srishti feels bad for Rishabh.

On the other hand, Rishabh explains about the project to his employees. Preeta calls Rishabh and the latter disconnects the call. Kavya video calls Rishabh and gives the phone to Preeta. Rishabh picks the call. Preeta tells him that everyone waiting for him to have breakfast. Kavya signals her to scold Rishabh. Preeta scolds Rishabh saying that he don’t have time for his family. She asks him to bring bat and chocolates while returning on Kavya’s behest. Kavya kisses on Preeta’s cheek and runs from there. Preeta apologizes to Rishabh.

Rishabh understands that Kavya is behind everything. He asks her to handle Rakhi because he has an important meeting. She wishes him and asks him to not worry about anything. She tells Rakhi that Rishabh will return after winning Raja Rajshiv Rathore’s palace in an auction. She adds that Rishabh will make heritage hotel in that palace. Rakhi tells her that Rishabh changed so much so she has to do something. Preeta tells her that Rishabh wanted the latter’s blessings. Rakhi tells her that her blessings are with Rishabh always.

Rishabh reaches for an auction. Everyone greets Rajshiv. Host says that they have invited top 5 hoteliers for the auction and they knows that mehal will become heritage hotel and the auction begins. Rishabh bids for 360 crores which shocks everyone. He introduces himself and tells Rajshiv that he knows that the latter has to leave for his daughter’s birthday party after the auction and he don’t want to him to be late by dragging the auction. Rajshiv praises Rishabh. He asks him that if the latter knows about his daughter’s name. Rishabh tells him that his daughter’s name is Sanjana and she is going to get married soon.

One guy says that seems like no one can beat Rishabh. Arjun’s staff Mayank tells him that Rishabh could be popular in India but Arjun Suryavashi is popular in London. He says that soon Arjun will come popular in India too. He adds that Arjun buying all the palaces to make heritage hotel and he is such a successful businessman in just five years.

In London, Arjun gets ready. He picks Mayank’s call and learns that Rishabh’s bidding amount is 360 crores. He asks him to bid for 450 crores. He adds that the latter will lose his job if he did not win the auction then and disconnects the call. Nidhi’s sister comes there and tells him that if he went late then her sister will cancel the engagement. He tells her that nothing like that will happen.

Mayank bids for 450 crores. Rishabh bids for 250 crores which shocks everyone. He says that he will give 25% partnership deal of heritage hotel to Rajshiv and he will leave small part of the palace without using it for hotel and Rajshiv can stay there whenever he wants. Rajshiv says that he liked Rishabh’s offer and announces that Rishabh won the auction. He congratulates Rishabh. Meanwhile, Arjun asks to find out about Rishabh Luthra. Nidhi’s sister asks him to concentrate on his engagement. He enters the venue. Nidhi tells him that he is late. He tells her that he was inviting the queen for their marriage which is going to happen in 15 days. Nidhi’s sister tells them that Priest waiting for them.

Episode ends.

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