Kundali Bhagya 17th November 2023 Written Update: Palki saves Shaurya from goon


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Episode begins with Shaurya asks Palki that how she reached there. Palki tells him that they don’t have time to talk about all this. She tells him that he won’t do anything so she will do something and  leaves from there. He follows her and stops her. He carries her and takes her to a room. Shaurya tells Palki to stay inside until he returns and leaves from there. Sandy sees this. He asks Shaurya that why the latter locked Palki in a room. Shaurya tells him that Palki is weak and she can’t fight against goons. Sandy tells him that the latter cares about Palki so much. Shaurya tells him that Palki makes him frustrated and leaves from there.

Luthra men and Kareena takes weapon in the kitchen to attack goons. Rishabh tells them that goons have gun and they can’t fight against goons with these things. Mahesh asks him to not demotivate them. Luthra men fights with each other. Kareena asks them to stop fighting. She tells them that they are fighting like kids. She reminds them that they have to fight against goons.

Goon points a gun towards Rakhi. Rakhi scolds him. Goons catch Shaurya, Rajveer and Kavya. Goon takes Rakhi’s jewels. Rakhi refuses to give the ring which Preeta gifted her. Preeta sees this from upstairs. She warns goons to not touch Rakhi. She throws flower vase on goon. Rakhi and others sees Preeta. Shekhar points a gun towards Preeta. He brings Preeta downstairs. Preeta attacks goon. Goon attacks Preeta. Preeta’s children gets angry seeing this. Rajveer and Shaurya beat goons up. Kavya helps Preeta to get up.

Palki tells herself that Shaurya don’t know how to behave with a girl. She lies to Amy that goons locked her in a room. Amy opens the door. She tells thanks to him and leaves from there.

Kavya takes Preeta to a room and she treats Preeta’s wound. She says that she won’t let anything happen to Preeta ( Maa meri song plays in the background ). Preeta tells Kavya to save Rakhi. Kavya asks her to take rest and leaves from there. Shekhar wears Shaurya’s jacket. Rajveer saves Daljeet from goon.

Shekhar beat Shaurya up. He asks Rajveer that why the latter gets angry whenever he beat Shaurya up. And he asks Rajveer that if Shaurya is his twin brother. Luthra men beat goons up. Kareena and Rakhi uses smoke to defeat the goons. Palki comes there and she saves Shaurya from goon. Another goon is about to stab Palki but Rajveer saves her. Rakhi falls down and cries. Daljeet tells Shanaya to save Rakhi to impress Luthras. Kareena tells Mahesh that smoke is over. Karan scolds Shekhar for wearing Shaurya’s jacket. Mahesh scolds Karan for fighting for jacket. Goon puts a knife near Rakhi’s neck.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shaurya takes the remote. Rajveer asks Shaurya that what the latter is doing with remote.