Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2022 Written Update: Arjun plays cricket with Kavya


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Episode begins with Beeji gives first aid box to Anjali. Anjali says that she don’t know to treat injury still she will do it. Beeji recalls that how Karan used to call her as girlfriend. In the kitchen, Rakhi notices Srishti crying. She asks her that what happened. Srishti tells her that she is fine. Rakhi asks her to tell the truth. Srishti tells her that she got afraid. She says that if anything happened to Rishabh then Preeta will become alone again. She adds that if anything happened to Preeta and Sameer then she would have become alone. She cries hugging her.

Rakhi consoles her. Srishti tells her that she lost Karan already and she can’t lose Rishabh too. Rakhi tells her that everyone is fine now. Sameer overhears their conversation. He enters the kitchen and he says that he hate tears. He wipes Rakhi’s tears. He requests Srishti to stay away from goons. He asks her that what will happen to him if anything happened to her then. Srishti tells him that he would be happy if she is not with him then. He tickles her. He places a kiss on her cheek.

Preeta tells Rishabh that she will give pain killer to him. Rishabh tells her that pain killer is in the first aid box. She tells him that she will bring pain killer and leaves from there. He thanks God for saving everyone. Meanwhile, Arjun gets up saying that he don’t want Anjali to treat his injury. Preeta comes there. She treats Arjun’s injury. She says that pain kills pain. He tells her that she get master degree in giving pain to others. She asks him to stay silent instead of blaming her. She tells him to not move. He glances her. He recalls that how she used to treat his injuries. He also recalls that how she pushed him in the dam.

Kavya comes there wearing t-shirt. She has cricket bat and ball too. Arjun recalls that how he refused to change his favourite t-shirt. He says that his child will get ready as cricketer. Kavya asks Arjun to play with her. Preeta asks her to not disturb Arjun. Kavya asks her to not interfere when two elders were talking. Preeta gets shocked hearing her. Arjun takes Kavya from there.

Prithvi and Sherlyn hides in the car parking. Police inspector tells Mahesh that they won’t let goons escape. Mahesh asks him to search the house once again. Police inspector orders few constables to stay outside and he goes inside the house. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he thought God is on his side but he was wrong.

Kavya and Arjun sees the messed up hall. She gets sad. So he cheer her up. Everyone cleans the house. They starts playing cricket. Arjun drops the ball deliberately so Kavya does not gets out. Mahesh and police comes there. Beeji takes Kavya from there. Police inspector says that they will search the house to find proof against goons. Rishabh takes Preeta from there. Arjun thinks that Preeta never obeyed him.

Episode ends.

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