Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2022 Written Update: Prithvi attempts to impress the investor


Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Prithvi goes to basement and tells Mahesh that the latter gave everything to him. He says that his future depends on today and he is going to kick Karan and Rishabh out of all the companies. He informs him that luxury township’s inauguration will happen and for this project he worked a lot and soon he will get best businessman of the year too. He says that after completing this project, he will become business tycoon and thanks him for everything. Mahesh holds him and says that he will kill him. Sona comes there and Mahesh hides under the bed.

Prithvi leaves the room and Sona follows him. He asks her that why Mahesh recovering. She recalls Preeta’s orders and lies to Prithvi that she is following his instructions only. He tells her that he should change his strategy. He tells her to show snake to Mahesh so he reacts because he wants guests to know that Mahesh became mad.

Rakhi tells Dadi that party will happen in their house only still no one is happy. Prithvi comes there and asks them to act like they are happy in front of his guests because he wants to impress his guests. He informs them that he is going to introduce himself as Kritika’s husband and warns them to behave. He takes Kritika from there. Luthra ladies follows them. They comes downstairs.

Nagre informs Prithvi that businessman Nanavre arrived. Prithvi welcomes Nanavre and he introduces Luthra ladies to him. Nanavre says that he is happy to see the joint family. Prithvi tells him that Luthra’s treats him like their son. Sherlyn thinks that Prithvi acting well. Prithvi welcomes MLA and praises him. He asks Nagre that if the speech is ready. Nagre nods at him. He asks Nanavre that how much the latter going to invest. Nanavre tells him that it depends on the planning. Media reporters comes there.

Nagre goes inside to pick the call. Prithvi wonders that where Nagre went. He thinks that he has to impress Nanavre. He dances with Kritika. Sherlyn and Natasha joins them. Karan enters the house with Police. Karan asks Police inspector to arrest Nagre. Police inspector tells him that he suspects Nagre but don’t have any solid evidence against him so they should wait until they gets evidence. Nagre begins his speech. He talks about Luthra’s achievements and says that this person will achieve more. He calls Preeta and she comes there. Everyone gets shocked seeing Preeta there. Srishti and Janki comes there.

Sherlyn wonders that where is Prithvi. Rakhi tells Dadi that she is happy that Karan brought Preeta home. Preeta goes to stage and thanks guests for coming. She thanks Nagre for being her supporter which shocks Luthra’s. Media reporter asks Preeta about luxury township project. Preeta says that they are entering in construction business and she starts the presentation. Sherlyn wonders that what Preeta doing here and she gets worried about Prithvi.

Episode ends.

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