Kundali Bhagya 18th March 2020 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers and Twist


Kundali Bhagya 18th March 2020 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Episode begins with Dadi says Arora’s always reason for Luthra’s sadness, without them only their family looked like family and without them now they can live happily. She says Rakhi is so good by heart that’s why she thinks everyone is good like her but in reality that’s not true. She asks Rakhi to forget Preeta and just to remember that Preeta is reason for Mahesh’s condition. She says if Preeta did bad with her then she would have forgave her but she did with Mahesh so she won’t forgive Preeta.

Ramona says finally luthra’s understood that Preeta is cunning lady. Rakhi says she didn’t thought Preeta will change like this one day. Dadi asks Rakhi to forget that Preeta was good person once upon a time. Kareena says Preeta was never a good person she just acted like being a good person to get their properties that’s it. Sherlyn thinks now Rishab too not able to defend Preeta in front of his family and praises her plan for this.

Sristy tries to cheer Preeta. She says they went luthra house to help Karan but they blamed us in return. Preeta tells Mahira’s plan and how they saved Karan from Mahira to Beeji. Janki says they should not have went there because it’s waste to help luthra’s. She says now Preeta should concentrate on herself only, whenever Preeta tried to help them they just accused her and how can she forgot the insults and troubles Sarla faced because of luthra’s. Beeji says no one can change destiny. Sarla hears their talks.

Mahira is so happy because Karan hates Preeta now and doesn’t wants to see her face too. Sherlyn says being overconfident is not good. Mahira says till now Mahesh knows Sherlyn’s truth only now he knows about her too. She says she doesn’t even wanna think about it because luthra’s hates Preeta now and will forget her too soon. Ramona asks Rakhi to accept Kareena’s decision.

Dadi asks Sameer to bring Rishab and Karan. Mahira thinks about what they are discussing now when Preeta’s matter already over. Kareena says she wants to protect her family. Dadi asks Karan to understand Kareena’s point. Sherlyn says Preeta pushed Mahesh to stop Karan’s marriage. Rishab asks her to stay silent. Kareena asks why Rishab defending Preeta still?

Dadi says she never thought Preeta will stoop this low to stop Karan’s marriage. She says Preeta always used their trust. Kareena says she decided to do Karan and Mahira’s marriage tomorrow itself to stop Preeta entering their house. Rishab, Karan shocks hearing her.

Preeta says she will never enter luthra house, she will keep all the love she have for them in her heart only and she won’t express it. She asks why always bad happening with her even though she thinks good for others? Sristy says she can understand Preeta’s pain and asks her to not cry. She says after Sherlyn and Mahira’s entry only their relation with luthra’s changed. (Episode ends).