Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2021 Written Update: Sonakshi steals Preeta’s report from Rishabh


Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Sonakshi receives Preeta’s medical report from courier guy. He notices her signature and tells her that, that’s Preeta’s courier. Rishabh hears him and takes the envelope from Sonakshi and goes inside. Sonakshi thinks that if Karan or Preeta saw the report then they will get to know that Preeta can get pregnant and if that happen then she won’t be able to enter Karan’s life using Pihu. She decides to steal the report from Rishabh.

Rishabh calls Karan to give the report to him. Preeta wonders that why courier guy didn’t come yet. Sonakshi stops Karan from going to Rishabh and lies to him that Pihu called him. Karan moves to Pihu’s room and Preeta follows him to ask about courier guy. Rishabh understands that Preeta is busy and he decides to give the envelope later and he puts it in his pocket. Sonakshi notices that. Sherlyn notices Sonakshi’s behaviour and questions her.

Karan sees Pihu sleeping. Preeta comes there and adores them. He asks her to not get jealous because he loves her the most and she is his life. She tells him that Pihu should be his life. Then she asks him about courier guy. He understands that she is nervous and asks her to relax because report will be normal. She asks him to stay with Pihu and she leaves the room.

Sonakshi asks Sherlyn to concentrate on party. Rishabh complains about Mahesh to his family saying that he never scolds Karan. Rakhi praises Preeta for arranging everything for party in short time. Sonakshi asks everyone to come to the dance floor. Mahesh dances with Rakhi and Rishabh dances with Sherlyn on ” Dil galti kar baitha hai ” song. Sherlyn leaves the dance floor. Sonakshi dances with Rishabh. Then everyone starts dancing. Sonakshi leaves from there with Preeta’s report. She collides with Preeta and drops the envelope. She tells her that Rishabh searching her and it’s regarding her report and leaves from there.

Sherlyn tells Sonakshi that she saw her stealing Preeta’s report from Rishabh pocket. She asks her that what the latter trying to do with Preeta’s report. Preeta asks Rishabh about her report. He realises that he lost it and he informs about it to her and Karan. They starts searching the report.

Sherlyn snatches the report from Sonakshi but the latter takes it from the former. She tells her that she just want to know the truth. She shows the video of Sonakshi mixing pills in Preeta’s milk. She also shows the video of Sonakshi stealing Preeta’s report from Rishabh pocket. Sonakshi agrees to tell the truth. She reveals that Preeta can get pregnant and shows the envelope to her. Sherlyn tells her that the latter is lying.

Sonakshi informs her that she made Doctor lie because she loves Karan. She tells her that Nurse changed Preeta’s report by mistake and she got to know about it when she visited her Doctor friend in the hospital and then she decided to hide the original report from Preeta. She says to her that she emotionally blackmailed her Doctor friend and made her lie about Preeta’s report which shocks Sherlyn.

Episode ends.

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