Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update: Police finds proof against Vishnu


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Episode begins with Anjali tells Arjun that they should return home. Arjun says looks like his phone got exchanged with someone else phone. Rakhi notices the phone. She tells him that’s Rishabh phone. She takes Anjali from there. Dadi tells Arjun that Kavya don’t talk to stranger but she bonded with him. She asks him that if kids lives in his house. He thinks that his brother has a daughter. Mahesh asks Arjun about his siblings. Arjun says that his phone got exchanged with Rishabh phone and goes inside.

Srishti asks police officer that if they found any proof against goons. He shook his head. Srishti says that they should check the terrace too and they goes to the terrace. She screams seeing rat. Sameer tells her that it’s not time to get scared of rat. Mohan comes there and says that one of the goon’s face looked familiar. Srishti and Sameer goes downstairs. Police officer finds Vishnu’s wallet. He asks Mohan that if the latter saw Vishnu by showing the wallet. Mohan tells him that he did not saw him.

Rishabh takes Preeta to a room. He asks her about her injuries. Preeta tells him that those are just bruises. Arjun comes there and tells Rishabh that he has the latter’s phone. Rishabh returns the phone to him. Arjun learns about Preeta’s injuries. Police inspector takes Rishabh from there. Rishabh tells Arjun to help Preeta.

Preeta tells Arjun that she will apply ointment. He notices the injury and he says that she is bleeding. He says he will tell everyone about her injury. She asks him to not do that. She says that she can apply ointment. He tells her to shut up. He applies ointment on her injury. They glances each other ( Sun le o maahiya song plays in the background ).

Police inspector asks Rishabh that if anyone want to kill Rishabh. Rishabh asks him that why the latter thinks like that. Police inspector shows Vishnu’s wallet to him. He says that Vishnu is a serial killer and Vishnu works for Raja. So Vishnu came to kill someone. He asks him to give police complaint. Rishabh goes to Preeta. Arjun tells him that he applied ointment on Preeta’s injury. Preeta and Arjun starts arguing.

In the kitchen, Rakhi searches the laddu box which she kept for Arjun. Anjali finds the laddu box from microwave oven. She tells Rakhi that Arjun hided this laddu box there. Rakhi tells her that Arjun is like Karan. She asks her to tell about Arjun. Anjali tells her that she is getting late because tomorrow she has an important meeting.

Preeta asks Rishabh that what police inspector said. Rishabh tells her that he has to go to police station to write FIR. Preeta tells him that Rakhi will be tensed if Rishabh left the house now then. She tells Arjun to go to police station. Arjun nods at her and leaves from there.

Prithvi hides in the car dicky to escape from police. Arjun tells Police inspector that he will go with him. Anjali gives laddu box to him. Police inspector reveals that someone want to kill Rishabh. He talks about Vishnu and Raja. Arjun says that maybe they wants revenge. Anjali asks him that how he knows all that. He tells her that he want to kill Rishabh.

Episode ends.

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