Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update: Shanaya tells her plan to Daljeet


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Episode begins with Rajveer holds Shanaya before she falls down. Palki sees this and she hides behind the pillar. Shaurya also sees this. Daljeet comes there and scolds Shanaya. She takes her daughter from there. Rajveer tells Shaurya to stay away from Shanaya. Shaurya asks him that if Shanaya is the latter’s girlfriend. Rajveer agrees that Shanaya is his girlfriend. Shaurya tells him that Shanaya is not the latter’s wife and she can become his wife. Rajveer tells him that Shanaya won’t become Shaurya’s wife. Shaurya leaves from there. Palki hears everything.

On the other hand, Shambhu reveals that Nidhi hired him to kill Preeta. Mohit asks that why Nidhi want to kill Preeta. She says that now she is sure it’s Nidhi who attacked her in the hospital. And says she want to know what enmity Nidhi has with her. She decides to confront Nidhi. Srishti tells her that she will support her. She says that Nidhi crossed all the limits by attacking Preeta many times. She decides to teach a lesson to Nidhi. She tells Mohit that Shambhu is their proof so keep Shambhu safe. She leaves from there with Preeta.

Nidhi looks at Karan who is talking on a phone call. She thinks that her choice is best. And she wonders when her love story will begin. She pretends like falling down so Karan holds her. Karan recalls Preeta’s touch. He asks Nidhi that if she will stay like this forever. She stands straight. He leaves from there. She wonders that when Karan will fall in her love and leaves from there. Girija sees all this. She wonders that what is all this.

Daljeet reminds Shanaya that the latter’s target is Shaurya. She says that she know Rajveer is handsome but he is not rich. Shanaya tells her that it’s her plan to trap Shaurya. She says that Shaurya snatches everything from Rajveer that’s why she is doing all this. She informs her that her plan is working. Daljeet tells her that she love this house and she will stay there after Shanaya’s marriage. She says that she choosed Nidhi’s room to stay.

Preeta and Srishti reaches Luthra house. Preeta says that Nidhi troubled her children too. Srishti tells her that seems like Luthras celebrating Krishna Janmashtami and without invitation they can’t go inside. Preeta tells her to say any idea to go inside. She says that she won’t return home without confronting Nidhi. Srishti sees dancers entering the house. She and Preeta also enters the house with dancers.

Nidhi falls down thinking Karan will carry her. But Girija helps Nidhi. Nidhi tells Girija to don’t help her next time. Preeta and Srishti wears veil. They dances with dancers. Then Kavya and Palki dances with dancers. Everyone joins them. Preeta is about to fall down but Karan holds her. Srishti gets shocked seeing this.

Episode ends.