Kundali Bhagya 1st July 2022 Written Update: Karan decides to participate in the auction


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Episode begins with Karan looks at Preeta’s photos. Anjali comes there and sees it. She asks him that if he loved Preeta. He recalls that how he confessed his feelings to Preeta. He tells her that he used to love Preeta but not anymore. He says that there was problems in their relationship since beginning. He adds that he loved her extremely and he hated her extremely. She hopes that tomorrow he meets his enemies in the auction. He tells her that Prithvi and Sherlyn are his enemy too. He says that Sherlyn even warned him about Rishabh and Preeta but he did not trust her. He asks her to send the driver on time. She nods at him and she leaves the room.

In the chawl, Prithvi enters his house and asks Sherlyn to bring water. Sherlyn tells him that she is his wife not maid to do all this. He drops the money by mistake. She sees that money and she says that she needs money to buy rice and make-up. He scolds her and he says that he is going to buy Karan’s cricket properties with this money. She gets confused hearing him. He tells her about the auction. She asks him that what will he do with Karan’s cricket properties. He tells her that he will burn Karan’s cricket properties in front of Luthras.

She asks him that if he stole this money. But he opposes and he lies to her that he worked hard to get this money. She tells him that police may catch him. He leaves the house in anger. He tells himself that Sherlyn knows that his goal is taking revenge from Luthras still she fights with him. Prithvi’s friend tells Police inspector that he is sure that Prithvi stole his money. Prithvi hears that and hides from them. He calls Sherlyn and asks her to leave the house and return tomorrow.

Next day, Srishti suspects that Sameer has a girl friend. Dadi says that Kavya feels like she is a star and taking selfies with everyone. Preeta gives prasad to everyone. Rishabh tells Rakhi that so many people coming today for auction and he feels that it will become successful. Rakhi tells him that she also want to participate. She says that she want to keep Karan’s cricket properties with her. She informs him that she even sold her jewels. He tells her that Karan lives in her heart so she don’t need Karan’s cricket properties. Preeta and Rishabh leaves the house.

Prithvi reaches the auction venue. Security guard stops him. Prithvi shows his money to him. Security guard asks him to wait for few minutes. He goes to Sameer and tells him about Prithvi. Sameer thinks that some fan came and tells Security guard to let that fan enter the venue. Security guard tells Prithvi that the latter can enter the venue. Prithvi thinks that he can see Preeta after many years. Meanwhile, Preeta gets emotional seeing Karan’s cricket properties. She recalls the moments she shared with him. Rishabh comes there and stands beside her. She tells him that Karan must have felt happy seeing all this if he was alive then. He tells her that Karan must have been happy seeing her smile.

Episode ends.

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