Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2022 Written Update: Kareena and Karan supports Preeta’s decision in Mona’s matter


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Episode begins with Preeta says that Mahesh coming out of the basement after 2 years so it will take time for him to adjust here, that’s not mean that they will send him back to the basement. Beeji agrees with her. Prithvi says that Mahesh himself don’t want to go upstairs then what can they do. Preeta says that in few hours Mahesh will adjust with his family. She asks Prithvi to stop talking negative. Prithvi says that Mahesh is not normal so they should take him to the basement. But Dadi and Karan takes Mahesh upstairs. Everyone follows them. Natasha asks Preeta that why the latter looks like she cares about Luthra’s. Preeta asks her to not worry about her. Beeji asks Natasha that when the latter will return to her home because she is guest only.

Karan helps Mahesh to lay down on the bed. Prithvi tells Mahesh that the latter is safe here because everyone is his family so he need not to get afraid of anything or anyone and feel comfortable. He thinks that he has to prove that he wants the best for Mahesh not Preeta. He says that he will bring water for Mahesh and leaves the room. Karan asks his family to not worry about Mahesh.

Prithvi sees Preeta and thinks that she can’t bring Mahesh out of the basement because the medicine’s effect won’t leave Mahesh within a day and that’s enough to flop her plan. She thinks that she knows that this fight won’t be easy but for Mahesh she can do anything. He thinks that her face says that she is in tension which explains that she is afraid of him. He offers water to her but she denies. He tells her that she can’t shift Mahesh to his room permanently so she should stop trying. He says that Mahesh can’t adjust here so let him do what he want to do with Mahesh. He tells her that Rakhi is emotional that’s why she wants to celebrate Mahesh’s birthday but Mahesh is not normal so he can create drama at the party and leaves from there.

Prithvi gives the water bottle to Karan. He says that it’s not fair to bring Mahesh out of the basement for birthday party. He tells them that Preeta doesn’t care about Mahesh. And it’s also possible that Preeta fired Mona to take revenge on her. Karan says that Preeta is right in Mona’s matter. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that they knows that Preeta hates them but she won’t let anything bad happen with Mahesh. Prithvi asks Kritika that if she trust Preeta. She tells him that she used to trust Preeta not anymore.

In the kitchen, Preeta tells Beeji that it’s not possible to cure Mahesh within a day. She tells her that new Nurse may also turn out like Mona. Beeji asks her to do something before Prithvi does anything against them. Preeta gets an idea. Meanwhile, Rakhi says that she listens her heart and her heart says that Preeta doing all this for Mahesh’s well being. Prithvi tells her that she is naive that’s why she trust Preeta. Kareena says that Preeta did right by firing Mona from the job.

Episode ends.

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