Kundali Bhagya 1st October 2022 Written Update: Rishabh requests Arjun to not hurt Luthras


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Episode begins with Prithvi, Sherlyn , Raja and Vishnu sneaks into Luthra house. Sherlyn scolds them for not wearing fake beard, mustache and wig. Prithvi tells her that they brought everything and will wear it. She says that she will wait for them in the parking area. Raja tells her that this time their plan won’t fail. Prithvi says that this time they are not here to steal money but to teach a lesson to Arjun. She leaves from there through window. Vishnu praises Sherlyn. Prithvi tells him that it’s not easy to tolerate Sherlyn. He says that they should focus on the work. He decides to give one last warning to Arjun.

On the other hand, Rishabh gets worried after learning something. Arjun asks him that what happened. Rishabh tells him that Prithvi escaped from jail. Arjun tells him that he will handle Prithvi if he found Prithvi then. He calls Prithvi as goat. Rishabh laughs hearing him. He tells him that Karan used to call Prithvi as goat. Arjun tells him that Prithvi looks like goat for sure. He asks him that if the latter still remember that.

Rishabh tells him that he never forgot Karan. He says that Karan lives in his soul and Karan is part of his life. He says that Prithvi would not dare to enter the house if Karan was alive then. Arjun asks him to not worry because he won’t spare Prithvi once launch party gets over. Rishabh tells him that Luthras love him so much. He requests him to not break their heart. Arjun tells him that he also love them and he won’t hurt them. Rishabh tells him that he love his family, so he won’t spare him if he hurt them then. Rakhi comes there and says that she love them so much.

Prithvi sneaks into Preeta’s room. Preeta comes out of the washroom. He hides hearing footsteps. She leaves the room. Prithvi calls Arjun. He tells him that the latter must be shocked now. Arjun tells him that it’s such a small matter. He tells him that he knows Prithvi escaped from jail. He says that he don’t have time to talk to him. Prithvi asks him to meet at Preeta’s room and disconnects the call. Arjun gets shocked hearing him and he runs towards Preeta’s room. He collides with Preeta. He gets relieved seeing her safe. He asks her to walk properly. Preeta leaves from there without saying anything.

Anjali sees everything. She drags Arjun to the room. She scolds him. He tells her that he won’t betray Nidhi. She tells him that he complicates the things. She says that he is engaged with Nidhi but his heart roaming around Preeta. He tells her that it’s not like that. He shows the pendrive to her. He says that Rishabh and Preeta will be insulted today. He says that he moved on in his life and leaves from there.

Prithvi welcomes Arjun. He tells her that he is here to warn him. He says that Arjun made mistake by sending him to jail. He says that he never misbehaved with girls because he love Preeta only. Arjun beat him up.

Episode ends.

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