Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update: Preeta hides about Nagre’s plan from Karan


Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Rakhi apologizes to Janki. Janki tells her that fights are common in all the families so the latter need not to apologize. She says that they are family. Rakhi hugs her. Kareena gets shocked seeing that. On the other hand, Karan searches Preeta. He meets Kritika on his way and tells her that he visited Police station and Police didn’t arrest Preeta so looks like everything is Prithvi and Nagre’s plan. She tells him that it could be Preeta’s plan. He asks her to stop talking nonsense and leaves from there. She tells herself that she trust Prithvi because he won’t get anything by doing all this.

Meanwhile, Kareena informs Dadi about Rakhi and Janki’s hug. She tells her that Preeta entered this house as physiotherapist but she became owner of the house now. She says that everything belongs to Karan but Preeta snatched everything. Sameer tells her that they should be glad that Preeta has everything not Prithvi. He reminds her that Prithvi organized this party and if Preeta didn’t come then Prithvi would have took this project. He tells her that Preeta saved Luthra’s industries and leaves from there. Dadi tells Kareena that Sameer is right but he should not have talked like this.

Mona informs Sherlyn about Saphera’s arrival. Natasha asks Sherlyn that what Saphera doing. Sherlyn recalls that how Prithvi planned to scare Mahesh by showing snake and only he will see that snake and then he will react. He plans to prove Mahesh as mad in front of investors. She informs Prithvi’s plan to Natasha and Mona. Natasha says that Prithvi is not here to witness anything. Sherlyn says that Prithvi didn’t get project and she won’t let Preeta get this project too. Mona takes them to Saphera. Sherlyn asks Mona to take Saphera to Mahesh’s room. Saphera takes his snake and follows Mona.

Nanavre and MLA discuss about township project. Sherlyn and Natasha searches Prithvi. Janki notices them and thinks that Natasha must be like Sherlyn only. She tells herself that she has to watch Prithvi’s actions because he may try to harm Preeta again. She waits for Preeta in her room. Sameer comes there and asks her about Preeta. She informs him that Preeta is in the washroom. Preeta comes out of the washroom. He informs her that Nanavre calling her. She leaves the room.

Janki is about to call Sarla but stops hearing Sherlyn and Natasha’s conversation. Natasha tells Sherlyn that the latter and Prithvi is nothing in front of Preeta. Sherlyn asks her to stay in her limits. Natasha tells her that both of them are equal. Sherlyn reminds her about her past. They notices Janki’s shadow and they changes the topic. Sherlyn asks Janki that if the latter was eavesdropping. Janki yells at her.

Karan asks Preeta that what’s happening here. He asks her that why Nagre supporting her and who arrested her. She recalls that how Nagre’s men tried to kill her. She asks him that why he searched her. She tells him that she don’t have time to answer him. He tells her that he worried about her but she is behaving like he is one sided lover.

Episode ends.

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