Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2023 Written Update Arjun learns about Preeta and Srishti’s motive


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Episode begins with Arjun helps Preeta in the kitchen. Preeta recalls that how Karan helped her in the past. She asks him that why he is staring her. He tells her that he is learning to make tea. They shares an eye lock. Srishti sees them and leaves from there. She calls Preeta and asks her to not look into Arjun’s eyes but get fingerprints of him. Preeta tells her that she was doing that only. Srishti asks her to focus on the work and disconnects the call. Arjun burns his hand by mistake and screams. Preeta gets worried and pours water on his hand. She asks him that if he is feeling better. He tells her that he is fine. They leaves the kitchen with tea tray. Srishti tells herself that she know Preeta will make mistake. She takes a cup and leaves the kitchen. 

Preeta gives tea to Arjun and Dadi. Srishti plans to steal the cup in which Arjun is drinking tea. Preeta writes letter for airline and she asks Arjun to sign on it. Arjun asks her that why he need to sign. She tells him that they will keep the suitcase in his house that’s why. He signs on the letter. She keeps the letter in her bag. He gets a call so Srishti takes his tea cup from him. 

Anjali calls Arjun and informs him that it was Preeta and Srishti who came as fake IT officers. She tells him that she saw the footage. Arjun thinks that now also they came to learn his truth. She tells him that they won’t back off until they finds the truth. He tells her that he will talk to her later and disconnects the call.

Meanwhile, Srishti steals Arjun’s tea cup. She tells Preeta that they should leave now. Preeta collides with the suitcase and it gets opened. Arjun tells her that it’s her clothes. Preeta asks Srishti that how her clothes came into this suitcase. Srishti tells her that she forgot that she recently bought this suitcase. Preeta apologizes to them for the trouble. She leaves from there with Srishti. Arjun thinks that Anjali was right. He hope that they did not took anything which can prove he is Karan. 

Preeta tells Srishti that they got everything. They calls Vishwas and seeks his help. In the office, Staff member gives Luthra mansion papers to Anjali. He tells her everything about take over. Anjali calls Arjun and asks him to come to Luthra mansion. Preeta tells Rakhi that they will learn the truth once they receives reports. 

Later, Arjun and Anjali reaches Luthra mansion. Anjali tells him that she will leave him if he decided to tell his truth to Luthras then. He tells her that he want her support. She tells him that he can become owner of Luthra mansion. She says that if Arjun take over Luthra mansion then his secret won’t come out. 

Mahesh and Rishabh talks about their shares and Luthra mansion. Rishabh asks Mahesh to not think too much. Mahesh gathers everyone in the hall. Sameer asks Girish to bring tea for everyone. Arjun enters the house and tells them that this house belongs to him now. Preeta recalls Arjun’s challenge. 

Episode ends. 

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