Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update: Preeta attempts to stop Vipin’s marriage


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Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update:

Preeta attempts to stop Vipin’s marriage

Rajveer fights for Preeta

Episode begins with Rajveer returns home. Preeta says that Rajveer would have got a job. He explains that what happened in the interview. She feeds sweet to him. He says that Preeta understands him very well like she is his mother. Srishti gets shocked hearing him. Rajveer’s friends Vipin and Gautham comes there. Preeta tells them that Rajveer won’t roam with them from now on because he got a job. They gets happy for Rajveer and they plans to celebrate it and leaves from there. Srishti reminds Vipin that Preeta can’t tolerate loud music. Vipin tells her that he will take care of it. She hope that everything goes well tonight.

Later, Rajveer takes care of the guests. Elders praises Rajveer and his family. Rajveer dances with guests. Then he serves food to guests. Music gets stopped. Dhol people comes there. Preeta hears dhol sound and she gets glimpses of her past. She gets panicked and leaves from there. Meanwhile, One small girl falls down while dancing. Rajveer helps her to get up and takes her from there.

Preeta reaches the marriage venue and asks dhol people to stop it. She asks to stop the marriage. She removes Vipin’s marriage garland. She says that it’s not marriage but destruction. And she asks them to not ruin bride life by doing this marriage. She tries to drag the bride from there. She tells her to leave Vipin before he leaves her. She says that this marriage can’t happen. Bride’s parents drags Preeta from there and pushes her. They scolds Preeta for behaving like mad. And they tells her to leave from there. Preeta tells them that she will leave but this marriage should not happen.

Bride’s father slaps Preeta for trying to stop the marriage. Few people pushes Preeta. Rajveer returns and gets shocked seeing everything. He goes to Preeta. She tells him that they beat her. He tells his friend Gautham to take care of Preeta. She asks him to stop this marriage and save the bride’s life. Few people tries to beat Preeta. But Rajveer stops them and beat them up. One man beat Preeta on her head from behind. Rajveer gets angry seeing Preeta’s blood and he beat that man. Preeta loses her consciousness. Rajveer takes her from there.

In the Luthra house, Rakhi drops the plate by mistake. Nidhi asks Rakhi that why the latter is doing work when workers will do that work better than Rakhi. And she asks Rakhi that if she is doing all this because Rakhi think she spoiled Shaurya. She calls the servants and scolds them for letting Rakhi work. She says that expensive carpet got spoiled. Servants takes the carpet to clean. Nidhi tells Rakhi to get rest. She says that she will take care of the house and leaves from there. Kareena tells Rakhi that she is silent for Karan and Shaurya’s sake. Rakhi tells her that she feel like something bad is going to happen with her loved one.

Episode ends.

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