Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2022 Written Update: Sherlyn questions Prithvi’s loyalty


Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Kritika tells Kareena that she is glad that finally Karan saw Preeta’s real face. Kareena tells Karan that she already told him that Preeta is selfish and she returned for her selfish reasons. He feels bad saying that it’s Mahesh birthday but everyone is worried. She asks him to don’t get so stressed thinking about all this and everything will be fine. He nods at her and leaves from there. Sameer tells Kareena and Kritika that they are dragging the matter instead of solving it and leaves from there. Kritika apologizes to Kareena for supporting Preeta in the past.

On the other hand, Mona enters the kitchen with her purse. Preeta notices that and thinks that Mona hiding something in her purse for sure. She sends Mona out of the kitchen saying that Doctor called on landline to talk to her. She checks Mahesh’s food which has been prepared by Mona. She thinks that she can’t complaint about the food now but she has to do something. Mona tells her that she knows that the latter trying to waste her time by lying about Doctor’s call so she can make mistake in her job.

Kareena convinces Rakhi to have lunch. Preeta hears that and she calls Girish and asks him to not enter the house. She stops Mona who is going to give food to Mahesh and asks her to help to serve because Girish has not return yet. She tells her to make a salad for her. Mona nods at her and goes to the basement.

Prithvi tells himself that he hates Preeta so much because everything changed because of her. He says that Preeta ruined all of his plans so he will teach a lesson to her. And he will make her apologize to him. He talks about some secret. Sherlyn asks him about the secret. But he refuses to tell her. She tells him that Kritika made him hero in front of Luthra’s.

She says that he and Kritika supporting each other then who is on her side. He tells her that he is on her side only. She says that it doesn’t looks like that. He says that her insecurity making her speak like this and she knows that he was acting and what’s her problem if Kritika taking his side then. She tells him that she is mad because she is tolerating him always.

Meanwhile, Sameer asks Karan to understand Preeta’s situation. Karan tells him that Preeta want to bring Mahesh out of the basement because he transferred his properties on her name. Sameer says that Preeta is not like that and he can also understand that Karan is hurt. He convinces him to have lunch with everyone.

Prithvi changes the topic seeing Kritika. He tells Kritika that Sherlyn was warning him to not hurt the latter. Kritika thanks Sherlyn and leaves the room hearing noise. He tells Sherlyn that Kritika is mad and he is just using her. Kritika returns and takes them to have lunch.

Mona serves salad to Preeta. Preeta thanks her and eats it. She says that she is feeling dizzy and falls down. Karan asks to call the Doctor. She asks him to call the Police because Nurse mixed something in her food which shocks everyone.

Episode ends.

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