Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2022 Written Update: Kareena and Dadi attempts to steal the property papers


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Episode begins with Natasha tells Karan that he should steal the property papers from Preeta for his family. She says to him that he can rule Preeta and Prithvi and also can support his family. Sameer hears that and thinks that Natasha trying to ruin Preeta’s plan. Natasha is sure that Karan will agree to steal the property papers. But Karan denies to steal the property papers. Sameer enters the room and asks Natasha to leave from there because he don’t trust her. She leaves the room angrily. Karan asks Sameer that why the latter behaved that way with Natasha. Sameer says to Karan that he belongs to Preeta only. Karan murmurs that everyone knows that except Preeta. He sends Sameer out of the room.

On the other hand, Preeta enters her room and informs Srishti that everyone slept except Prithvi. Srishti tells her to switch off the light so Prithvi can think that Preeta slept. Preeta says that she never thought she will risk the property papers to catch Prithvi red-handed. She adds that now she has to act like sleeping and disconnects the call. Srishti asks God to help Preeta.

Preeta notices the property papers on the table. She thinks to put them in the cupboard but lays down on the bed after hearing footsteps. She assumes that Prithvi entered the room. But Sherlyn sneak into the room. Then Kareena and Dadi sneak into the room. Sherlyn hides seeing them. Dadi searches the cupboard. Preeta sees Kareena and Dadi. She thinks that Dadi is really bad theif. Sherlyn thinks that she wants the property papers and she can’t let Dadi and Kareena get it. She notices the property papers file on the table and moves towards it. Preeta sees Sherlyn. Karan comes there. Sherlyn moves towards the door and collides with Natasha and the latter screams.

Preeta also screams and wakes up. She switch on the light and asks them that what are they doing in her room. Everyone makes an excuse except Karan. Preeta asks them to stop giving lame excuses. She scolds them for disturbing her sleep and asks them to leave. Everyone leaves the room. Kareena asks Karan that why he came to Preeta’s room. He tells her that he came to see that what the latter was doing and leaves from there.

Preeta keeps the property papers in the cupboard and switch off the light. She thinks that now Prithvi will come for sure. Meanwhile, Sherlyn goes to Prithvi and asks him that what he want to do in his life. He tells her that he is not stupid like Luthra’s. He says that he saw them trying to steal the property papers. She tells him that he can steal the property papers and asks him to steal it. He denies to steal it. She asks him to steal it for her. He tells her that he won’t steal today and throws her out of the room.

Next day, Srishti calls Preeta and asks her that what happened yesterday night. Preeta checks the property papers and confirms that no one steal it. She informs Srishti that everyone tried to steal the property papers except Prithvi. She hears noise and turns around.

Episode ends.

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