Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Arjun admits Rishabh in the hospital


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Episode begins with Arjun tells Anjali that Rishabh will pay for his actions today. He calls Vishnu and says that he want to see everything live. Vishnu shows live telecast to him. Rishabh gets hit by the truck. Arjun gets shocked seeing that and runs to Rishabh. Meanwhile, Rishabh loses his consciousness. Arjun asks Rishabh to open his eyes. He asks to call for an ambulance. He says that Rishabh is his brother.

He tells Rishabh that he won’t let anything happen to him and he picks him. He asks the Driver to drive fast. Anjali gets shocked seeing Arjun’s behaviour. She reminds him that he only wanted to kill Rishabh. He asks her that if she is mad. He tells her that he told Vishnu to just injure Rishabh but his brother lost lot of blood. He recalls that how he told Vishnu to do almost accident and threaten Rishabh. He apologizes to Rishabh and cries.

In the Luthra house, Rakhi feels like something bad happened. Preeta asks her that what happened. Rakhi asks her to call Rishabh. She says that she feels like something bad happened with Rishabh. Preeta and Srishti receives a message. Preeta asks Srishti to stay with Rakhi and goes inside. Preeta sees the breaking news of Rishabh’s accident. Mahesh informs Luthra family about Rishabh’s accident. They leaves for the hospital.

Anjali tells Arjun that they can’t move ahead because of traffic. Arjun picks Rishabh and walks towards the hospital. He admits Rishabh in the hospital. Nurse asks him to fill the form. He tells her that he will fill it later. He asks her to call the Doctor. Doctor comes there. Nurse tells him that Arjun did not fill the form yet. Arjun lashes out at her. He asks Doctor to save Rishabh. Hospital staffs takes Rishabh to the surgery room. Arjun finds the watch which he gifted Rishabh. He cries seeing Rishabh’s condition.

Vishnu calls Arjun and tells him that he finished the work. He asks about remaining payment. Arjun asks him to come to the city hospital. Luthra family gets stuck in the traffic. Anjali sees Srishti. Vishnu reaches the hospital. Vishnu’s friend tells Vishnu that Arjun looks angry. Arjun beat Vishnu up for not following his order. Vishnu demands money from him. Arjun tells him that he won’t leave him if anything happened to Rishabh then and leaves from there. Vishnu gets shocked learning that Rishabh is Arjun’s brother.

Arjun prays to God for Rishabh. He says that he did not wanted to kill Rishabh. He adds that he hates him still he can’t kill his brother. He learns that Rishabh needs blood. He donates blood to save Rishabh. He asks Nurse to take more blood. She tells him that she took enough blood from him already. He tells her that he is fine and convinces her to take more blood from him. She tells him that he loves Rishabh so much and smiles. Doctor overhears their conversation and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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