Kundali Bhagya 22nd November 2021 Written Update: Sonakshi plans to hurt Preeta using Pihu


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Episode begins with Preeta tells Rishabh that she can see love and care in Sherlyn’s eyes for him. He smiles at her and tells her that he also feels like that. He recalls that how Sherlyn asked him to change the side of bed so sunlight doesn’t disturb his sleep. She teasingly asks him that what is he thinking about. He tells her that he also noticed sudden change in Sherlyn’s behaviour and he is happy to see her concern. Sherlyn comes there and gives juice to him and leaves from there. Preeta tells him that he was blushing and asks him to confess his feelings to Sherlyn.

She asks him to appreciate Sherlyn’s effort and give chance to their relationship. She tells him that if he won’t confess then she will tell everyone that how much he loves Sherlyn. He pleads her to not do something like that and he will try for sure and leaves from there. She thinks that Shelyn kept her promise and prays to God for Sherlyn and Rishabh’s togetherness.

Sherlyn scolds her Lawyer Rahul and tells him that she can’t see Prithvi in jail and asks him to get Prithvi out of it. He tells her that he want to tell Prithvi’s past to Judge to get sympathy. She tells him that he can do whatever he wants to do to release Prithvi. She notices Rishabh’s shadow and tells Rahul that Prithvi should not get out of jail no matter what. She turns around and asks Rishabh that what happened to him.

He tells her that first she talked about Prithvi’s bail but after seeing his shadow she changed her statement. She asks him that why he is suspecting her again and cries. He apologizes to her for misunderstanding her and leaves from there. She thinks that he is dumb to believe her words always. He thinks that he knows that she is wrong and he will catch her red-handed.

Preeta asks Karan that didn’t he left for his practice yet. He tells her that he don’t want to go leaving her. She tells him that he came to get his car key. He tells her that it’s not like that. He picks his coach’s call and tells him that he will be there for practice. She teasingly asks him to spend time with her. He refuses to go for practice and calls coach. She disconnects the call and gives the car key to him saying that he should not miss his practice. He tells her that their love story is different from others.

Rishabh thinks that he can’t let Sherlyn play with his and his family’s emotions. Sherlyn talks to Rahul and leaves the house. He follows her to find out the truth. Sonakshi tells herself that Luthra’s treating her like guest so she should do something to take Preeta’s place. She plans to hurt Preeta using Pihu. She decides to tell Pihu that she is her real mother.

Prithvi thanks Rahul for taking his case. Rahul praises about Sherlyn to him. Sherlyn comes there and tells Rahul that she transferred his fees. Rahul leaves from there and tells someone that he received payment for Prithvi’s case. Rishabh hears that and he gets shocked seeing Prithvi and Sherlyn together.

Episode ends.