Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Preeta prays to God for Karan’s happiness


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Episode begins with Srishti tells Sameer that she has to go to Arora house to bring sweets. Mahesh asks Sameer that why the latter not treating Srishti well. Sameer tells Srishti that he will drop her. She tells him that she can take cab and leaves from there. Mahesh tells Sameer that Srishti is really good girl. Arjun asks Preeta that if she wants him to play music. Preeta shook her head. She asks him to drive slow. She informs him that someone calling him. He tells her that that’s not an important call. Anjali tells herself that it was so embarrassing. She says that Arjun should not have done like that. She calls him again.

Arjun tells Preeta that he love to drive fast. She screams him to stop the car. He asks her that what happened. She tells him that she has to visit temple. He refuses to join her. He picks Anjali’s call. He lies to her that he is in the meeting with client and disconnects the call. Anjali informs Rishabh that Arjun is busy with business meeting.

Preeta prays to God. Arjun enters the temple. Rishabh comes to the same temple. Arjun wonders that why Preeta don’t look happy and why he can’t see love for Rishabh in Preeta’s eyes. He asks God to fulfill Preeta’s prayer. Preeta asks God to keep Karan happy. Rishabh helps a lady who is about to fall.

Preeta’s saree gets on fire. Arjun saves her. He scolds her for her carelessness. She tells him that they are in the temple. She asks him to not scream much. He tells her that she is really thankless person for sure. He asks her to learn to say thanks and sorry. They leaves from there. Few ladies says that, that couple is cute. Rishabh prays to God for Karan’s happiness. Preeta thinks that it’s difficult to understand Arjun. She asks God that why he made Arjun.

In the Arora house, Srishti makes an list for party preparations. She tells Beeji that if she got successful then she can start event company. She says that her staffs will do all the work. She ignores Sameer’s call. Janki asks her to pick it. Srishti tells her that she want Sameer’s help and he will come to help her. She makes Janki pick the call and put it on speaker. Sameer tells her that he will come to the house.

Police puts Prithvi behind bars. Prithvi tells them that he is innocent. He says that Arjun is behind everything. Police inspector warns him to not scream. Prithvi says that he don’t know how his phone reached ladies washroom. He tells him that he want to make a call. Police inspector allows him to make a call. Meanwhile, Arjun drops Preeta at Arora house. He tells her that she can say thanks for saving her life. Preeta tells him that she is not in a mood to say thanks today. He taunts her like Karan. She gets shocked hearing him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sherlyn tells Rishabh that she miss him still. She says that Preeta came in between them. He warns her to not take Preeta’s name. Other side, Arjun tells Preeta that he have something to tell her.

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