Kundali Bhagya 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Prithvi suspects Mona


Kundali Bhagya 23rd February 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Kritika asks Arora’s to meet Preeta later because she needs rest now. Kareena tauntingly says that Preeta does nothing expect taking rest but today she did drama too. Beeji asks her to speak less for her own sake. Dadi tells her that the latter can’t insult Kareena like this. Beeji tells her that she won’t tolerate Preeta’s insult. She tells Mona that she won’t leave her if it got proved that the latter is responsible for Preeta’s condition then. Everyone goes to Preeta’s room.

Doctor examines Preeta. Preeta tells her that she felt dizzy after eating the salad. Prithvi tells Doctor that Preeta thinks that Mona mixed something in her salad. Beeji tells Doctor that Preeta never lies. Preeta says that she knows that Mona mixed poison in the salad. Beeji asks her that if the latter is sure. Preeta says that she scolded Mona before lunch so to take revenge on her Mona did this. Srishti agrees with her. Doctor takes Preeta’s blood and asks Nurse to send it to the lab and get the report as soon as possible.

She informs others that she suspects that Preeta consumed poison which shocks everyone. Prithvi asks her that if she is sure. She tells him that report will explain everything so they has to wait for the report. She asks them to leave the room so Preeta can take rest. Everyone leaves the room except Karan. Preeta thinks that everything going on according to her plan. And Prithvi is confident that he can protect Mona but he will lose today.

On the other hand, Mona tells Prithvi that she didn’t mix poison in the salad. He tells her that he knows that. She tells him that she did everything for him so he has to support her. He tells her that she did everything for herself and she worked for money. He says that Preeta lying so report will come out in their favor only.

Preeta asks Karan that if he trust that there was poison in the salad. He tells her that she said that she will throw them out of the house if they failed to follow her rules then so it doesn’t matter that he trust her or not. She tells him that it matters but no one trust her and no one trusted her 2 years back too. He tells her that he thought she returned for their love but she came to rule them. Girish informs them that report came.

Everyone gathers in the hall. Prithvi thinks that today Preeta’s game is over. Mona says that she will take legal action against Preeta for accusing her. Doctor reads the report. She says that she never thought Mona will turn out like this. She reveals that someone mixed poison in Preeta’s food for sure. Karan gets angry and he is about to attack Mona. But Preeta stops him and she asks to search Mona’s bag. Doctor says that she has to give anti poison injection to Preeta. Prithvi thinks that if Mona really mixed poison in Preeta’s food.

Episode ends.

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