Kundali Bhagya 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Karan returns to Luthra mansion


Kundali Bhagya 23rd June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Karan says that he remembers Nidhi and Anjali well. He adds that he has to go to his house. Doctor stops him saying that he is not recovered yet. Karan buys that hospital and says that now no one can stop him and leaves from there. Anjali follows him. She calls Driver on Karan’s behest. Karan moves aside.

Doctor tells Anjali that Karan need to kept under the  observation at any cost. She tells him that she will try to talk to Karan. Karan notices Doctor and he asks Anjali that what Doctor doing there. Doctor tells Karan that the latter may lose his memory again if he did not kept under the observation then. Karan tells him that his past is important for him and he goes inside the hospital.

Next day, Preeta wakes up and recalls the moment she shared with Karan. Rishabh comes there and asks her about his mobile charger. She tells him that Rakhi said that Pandit Vashishth’s words were right always. He tells her that Karan is alive in their heart and in their memories. He adds that Karan will stay with them always. They wipes their tears hearing Kavya’s voice. Kavya tells them that she don’t want to go to school because her stomach is paining. Preeta asks Rishabh to call the Doctor because Kavya need injection. Kavya says that her stomach is fine. They smiles hearing her. Preeta takes Kavya from there.

In the hospital, Karan asks Mayank that what the latter doing there when he fired him from the job. Mayank tells him that Anjali called him. He recalls that how Anjali asked him to keep Karan busy by giving business rivals files to him. Anjali tells Karan that Mayank helped her so much and they can’t lose an employee like Mayank. Mayank gives file to Karan and leaves from there. Karan thinks that Anjali can’t trick him. He adds that he knows that Anjali want to divert him from his past. He notices Rishabh’s file and says that Rishabh and Preeta are his enemies. He goes to Luthra mansion and gets emotional seeing the house name plate. He says that Karan Luthra is back.

Anjali notices that Karan is missing from the hospital. She calls Nidhi and tells her that Karan behaving weird. Nidhi scolds her for not handling Karan. She asks her to return to London with Karan at any cost. She tells her to not call again and disconnects the call.

Karan sneaks into his house. He hides seeing Kavya. He gets angry seeing Preeta and Rishabh happy. Rishabh asks the driver to drive slow and leaves for office. Preeta and Kavya also leaves for school. Meanwhile, Rakhi misses Karan. She recalls the moment she shared with him and cries. Kareena comes there. Rakhi searches Karan saying that he was here only. Kareena tells her that Karan is not here and he left this world.

Episode ends.

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