Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2020 Upcoming Story and Written Update


Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2020 Upcoming Story and Written Update on Serialgossip.in

Episode begins with Ramona says Preeta already stoledMahira’s engagement ring then why Rakhi still believes Preeta. Kareena doesn’t believes arora sisters and says they can go any extend for their revenge so decides to call police but Rakhi stops her saying without knowing the truth they should not blame anyone and says Mahira would have went to temple only so they should search her there first if they didn’t find her there then Kareena can do whatever she wants to.

Kareena yells at Rakhi for supporting arora’s and sends Krithika to temple to search Mahira. Mahira mockingly says she feels so happy seeing Preeta like this. Sristy scolds Mahira but Preeta stops her and asks her to go inside saying she will handle it. Sristy denies to go inside and says Mahira tried to send Preeta to jail then why she wants to listen her.

Mahira says she did nothing, everything was done by Sherlyn. Sristy says she knows what Sherlyn did and what all Mahira did so Mahira need not to act like innocent in front of her. Mahira mocks arora’s and Sristy was about to push Mahira but Preeta again asks Sristy to go inside, Sristy goes to her room angrily.

Preeta asks Mahira that why she came and what she wants to talk with her? Mahira says she is so happy today and wanted to celebrate her happiness that’s why she came to Preeta.She says she planned many things but at end Preeta helped her by pushing Mahesh because of that only Karan gonna marry her today and says thanks to Preeta for that.

Preeta asks what is Mahira’s real intention because she too knows Mahira’s real face like Sristy so Mahira need not to act in front of her. She asks why Mahira lied to luthra’s? Mahira says she wanted to create hatred for Preeta in luthra’s heart that’s why she lied. Preeta says if Mahira really loves Karan then why she used her to marry him instead of doing everything by herself.

Mahira says she can see jealousy on Preeta’s face that Karan choosed her to marry. Preeta says Mahira living in delusional world because Karan didn’t choosedMahira to marry instead Mahira forced him to marry her. Mahira says she gets whatever she wants by hook or by crook. Preeta says she knows Mahira is not innocent but never thought she can stoop this low.

Mahira says if one can give life for love then can take someone else life too. Preeta asks did Mahira pushed Mahesh for the obsession she have for Karan? Mahira confesses her crime that she only pushed Mahesh from upstairs. Preeta shocks hearing that.

Mahira says why Preeta seems shocked when she claimed to know her well. She says she only pushed Mahesh from upstairs and put the blame on Preeta and because of that now luthra’s hates Preeta and Karan gonna marry her too. Sristy hears that. Krithika searches Mahira in temple. Preeta shouts at Mahira for pushing Mahesh from upstairs. Mahira says Sherlyn helped her in this and says Mahesh expected that she will help him but he didn’t know that she wanted his death.