Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2021 Written Update: Pammi tells Rakhi that Sherlyn wants Mahesh to die


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Episode begins with Preeta was working in the kitchen, hearing footsteps she takes knife thinking Prithvi approaching her. Karan shocks realising that she was about to attack him with knife. He says he came to talk to her but she is trying to attack him with knife and says first bat now knife. She says he misunderstood and says she took the knife to cut apples and she won’t even think to hurt him and asks why he came to kitchen. He says he came to thank her and says she did so much to stop Krithika and Prithvi’s marriage happened. She says nothing happened in their favor. He thanks her for loving his family. She says it’s her family also and says someone is there.

Karan catch Mahira red handed when she was eavesdropping them. Mahira says when she came they were talking to each other so she didn’t wanted to disturb them that’s why she was waiting outside the kitchen. He goes to his room. Preeta says Mahira may think she won Karan’s trust but she knows her true face. Mahira says Preeta knows nothing. Preeta says she doesn’t waste her time on psycho girls because her priority is her relationship with Karan and says Mahira may do whatever she wants but she can’t break her and Karan’s relationship. Mahira says Karan was about to marry her but it’s Preeta who took her place and Karan just fulfilling his responsibility so she can take her place back.

Preeta asks her to concentrate on her life instead of commenting about her life. Mahira says she won’t let Preeta insult her. Preeta says it’s her warning. Mahira says she will get her revenge no matter what. Preeta asks her to go and tell her revenge story to anyone else because she has lot of work to do now. She says Mahira trying to come between the couple and says she won’t hesitate throw chilly powder at her. Mahira learns that it’s Preeta who throw chilly powder at Prithvi. Mahira says within three days Karan will leave Preeta and leaves from there.

Sherlyn comes to Mahesh’s room and says he has to die and was about to inject something but stops seeing Pammi coming out of bathroom. Pammi takes the injection from Sherlyn and Sherlyn was about to hit her with vase but Rakhi comes there. Pammi says Sherlyn was about to inject this to Mahesh and says good bye to him.

Prithvi apologize to Krithika for hurting her. She says she want to sleep so they can speak later. Prithvi learns that Akshay blackmailing Krithika. Rakhi asks why Sherlyn will try to harm Mahesh. Suresh comes there and Pammi tells him everything. Rakhi asks why Sherlyn is silent and asks her to stay something. Sherlyn says Pammi misunderstood her. Pammi says Sherlyn lying now. Mahesh says Sherlyn is daughter in law of this house and she won’t harm Mahesh and apologize to her on behalf of Pammi. Mahira makes Dadi fell down so Preeta can take care of her and she can go to Karan.

Episode ends.