Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Arjun learns about Rishabh and Anjali’s fight


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Episode begins with Srishti tells Sameer that he can’t go to office because there is a puja at home. Sameer tells her that even Rishabh is in home so he has to go. She taunts him for not listening her. He jokingly says that he love to stay away from her. She gets offended hearing him. He tries to convince her but she pushes him. He tells her that he won’t go anywhere today and hugs her. She asks him to do his job well and glance her from distance.

On the other hand, Arjun tells Preeta that she should not take her life for granted. He asks her that why she went behind goons for a purse. Preeta tells him that this purse is special one for her. He asks her that what’s in the purse. She refuses to answer him. He tells her that he will drop her at home. She thanks him for his help but asks him to stay away from her and her family. He thinks that he will get her for sure and leaves from there. Snigdha searches Anjali in the house. She calls Arjun and tells him that she returned and disconnects the call. She realises that she forgot to ask him about Anjali.

In the Luthra house, Preeta gives puja ingredients to Priest. Kareena asks Preeta that if the latter invited everyone. Preeta nods at her and she goes to her room. Rishabh tells her that he is confused about his puja outfit. She notices that he messed up the room. She selects an outfit for him. He thanks her and goes to get ready.

Arjun gives medicines to Dadi. He gets surprised seeing Shekhar there. Shekhar informs him about what happened in between Rishabh and Anjali in the conference room. Arjun gets shocked hearing him. Shekhar asks him to attend the next meeting for sure. Snigdha glances Arjun. Dadi asks her to not do that because Arjun’s heart beats for Preeta.

Srishti complains about Sameer to Rakhi. Kareena asks about prasad to Srishti. Srishti tells her that Preeta is preparing prasad. Kritika says that this puja is kept for couple and she don’t have a partner so she is going out. Kareena asks her to go out after puja. Preeta searches something and she finds it. She compliments Rishabh. She asks him to come downstairs. Her saree gets stuck on the door lock so Rishabh helps her.

Kareena asks Priest to tie ‘dhaga’ on Kritika’s hand. So Priest ties ‘dhaga’ on Kritika’s hand. He asks for ‘paan leaf’ and ‘supari’. Rakhi searches the bag but finds nothing. Kareena tells her that they gave a small work to Preeta but Preeta can’t do that also. Priest says that he need puja ingredients to start the puja on time. Rakhi tells him that she will arrange it. Kritika tells her that they don’t have much time. Priest says that without puja ingredients he can’t start the puja. Rakhi gets worried hearing him.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Rakhi and Preeta asks Rishabh that if he is fine. Rishabh asks them why everyone asking the same question. Rakhi tells him that he did not pick her call. He tells her that he could not pick any call due to network issue. She thanks God for protecting Rishabh. He tells them that nothing can happen to him when they are with him and goes inside. Rakhi asks Preeta to bring puja ingredients from market. Preeta nods at her and goes inside. She tries to help Rishabh. He tells her that she is his wife not slave. He asks her to just keep smiling. She notices bruise on his neck and leaves the room. He wonders that what happened to Anjali today and he falls asleep. She returns with puja ingredients list and she also falls asleep. 

Next day, Arjun reaches the market to buy medicine for Dadi. He recalls the moments he shared with Preeta in the market. He thinks that she played with him and he should not think about her. He tells himself that Preeta know he saved Kavya in the school still Preeta brought restraining order. He notices Preeta there and he gets off his car. Preeta buys puja ingredients. He recalls that how one lady blessed him and Preeta assuming them as couple. He follows her. Two goons snatches Preeta’s purse and runs from there. Arjun catches them and he beat them up. He asks that how dare they to touch his wife. Preeta gets shocked hearing him. 

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