Kundali Bhagya 24th August 2022 Written Update: Arjun accepts Rishabh’s business partnership offer


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Episode begins with Security guards catches Prithvi. They drags him out of the office. Prithvi tells Arjun that he knows about the latter and Raja’s deal. Arjun orders his staffs to leave from there. On the other hand, Girish gives Rishabh’s tiffin box to Preeta. Preeta tells him that she is going to Rishabh’s office. He gives Arjun’s handkerchief to her. She asks him that why he is giving it to her. He tells her that driver knows Arjun’s office which is beside Rishabh’s office. She thinks that she don’t want Arjun’s handkerchief is her house and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Prithvi tells Arjun that he knows that the latter had hired Raja to kill Rishabh. Arjun asks him that if the latter wants money. Prithvi tells him that he wants information for now. He asks him that why the latter is against Rishabh. He says that Rishabh is his enemy too. Arjun asks him that why he should answer him. He tells him to leave from there. Prithvi tells him that Karan wanted to kill him but at end Karan died. He says that Karan snatched Preeta from him. He badmouth about Preeta.

Arjun gets angry hearing him and he beat him up. He says that he don’t want to hear Preeta’s name. Prithvi tells him that he understood the latter hates Preeta. He says that they should become friends. He adds that they can ruin Luthras together. Arjun tells him to leave from there. Arjun’s staff tells Arjun that Rishabh is there. Prithvi hides hearing him. Arjun takes Rishabh to conference room. Prithvi understands that Arjun deliberately took Rishabh to conference room so he don’t overhear their conversation.

Rishabh tells Arjun that the latter betrayed him. Arjun gets shocked hearing him. Rishabh asks him that why the latter snatched airport project from him which he was working from years. Arjun tells him that Anjali would have done it. He says that he will tell Anjali to cancel the deal. He thinks that he thought Rishabh got to know about him. He calls Anjali. He notices Prithvi. He hopes that Prithvi don’t tell Rishabh about the deal he made with Raja. Prithvi leaves from there before Rishabh sees him.

Rishabh tells Arjun that they can work on this project together. Arjun tells him that he would love to become his business partner. He shakes hand with him. He thinks that if he became Rishabh’s business partner then it would be easy for him to get his revenge on Rishabh. Rishabh tells him that he trust him. Arjun thinks that he will snatch Rishabh’s happiness. He tells him that they are in this position because of Preeta. Rishabh tells him that Preeta is his lucky charm. Arjun hugs him.

Later, Arjun goes to his cabin. Prithvi asks him to not trust Rishabh. Arjun tells him to leave from there. Prithvi says that Rishabh offered business partnership and that’s a big thing. He praises Arjun for making Rishabh fool. He says that he tried a lot to snatch Luthras properties but he failed. He adds that he wants Luthras to become beggars. He tells him that Preeta will earn lot of money as beggar. Arjun slaps him. He warns him to not take Preeta’s name.

Episode ends.

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