Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2021 Written Update: Preeta notices Krithika leaving the house with jewels


Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode begins with Prithvi meets Akshay and slaps him for blackmailing Krithika. Akshay asks him to listen him once. Prithvi asks why he blackmailed Krithika. Akshay says he need money that’s why he blackmailed Krithika and if he doesn’t want it then he won’t blackmail her. Prithvi asks how much he asked from Krithika. Akshay says he didn’t ask much. Prithvi says he will give money to him if he does what he wants him to do then. Akshay asks what he has to do. Prithvi tells him to continue the blackmail and leak Krithika’s pictures.

Mahira waits for Karan in the kitchen and switch off the light seeing him and hugs him. He says he was waiting for her only and hugs her assuming her as Preeta. Mahira switch on the light and he apologize to her. She says she was leaving and twisted her feet so she didn’t hug him purposely. He says he thought it’s Preeta and says he came to search for her. She says she saw her with Prithvi in the terrace and asks him to not tell Preeta that she said him this because Preeta will think she is trying to separate them. He says he trust Preeta and she can meet anyone so she need not to worry about them.

Preeta comes there and informs Karan about Dadi and says she came to heat her milk. Mahira thinks one day she will prove that Preeta still likes Prithvi and that day Karan will stop trusting Preeta. She goes out says she will break the trust they have for each other. Karan asks Preeta to meet him tomorrow evening so they can spend time with each other. Preeta teasingly says she will think about it.

Prithvi asks Akshay to threaten Krithika because Preeta spoiled his image so he has to become Krithika’s hero again and asks will he do his work. Akshay says he will do everything which Prithvi want him to do. Suresh tries to find out the truth of injection and sends it to lab and says he has to find the enemy of Mahesh. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he finished the job. Sherlyn smiles and recalls how Prithvi informed her that Akshay blackmailing Krithika and she told her plan to him. Prithvi says he is the real villain not that Akshay. Sherlyn slaps him and says she is the real villain. Pammi sees that and leaves from there.

Krithika gets worried recalling Akshay’s words and Prithvi comes there and apologize to her. He expects her to tell Akshay’s matter to him. She decides to not tell about Akshay to him and asks him to drop her. But he refused her saying he has some important work to do. He calls Akshay and scolds him for not doing his work properly. Akshay calls Krithika and threatens her and tells her to imagine what will happen to her family’s reputation if he leaked her pictures then and disconnects the call. She shatters hearing him and Prithvi enjoys seeing her like that. She takes her jewels and leaves the house. Preeta notices that and wonders where is she going with jewels.

Episode ends.