Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update: Snigdha’s Dadi returns Preeta’s bag


Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Snigdha’s Dadi gets excited to meet her friend. She notices Snigdha glancing Arjun. She asks her granddaughter to not see Arjun like that because he is engaged and his heart beats for Preeta. Snigdha tells her that she is just staring a handsome guy that’s it. Servant gives bag to Dadi. Dadi notices the bag and asks Arjun that why he brought puja ingredients when she told him to buy flowers only. He realises that his bag got exchanged with Preeta’s bag and he tells about it to Dadi. Dadi tells him that they will return these puja ingredients to Luthras.

On the other hand, Srishti feels bad that Kareena scolds her always. She prepares prasad. Sameer stares her. She asks him to go to office. He tells her that her mood is off so he won’t go anywhere and hugs her. She jokingly tells him that she don’t like him at all. She says that she likes tall guys only. He gets angry and leaves from there.

Preeta enters the kitchen. Srishti tells her that what she did with Sameer. Preeta advices her to not take Sameer’s love for granted. She says that she is regretting now because she never said to Karan that she love him. She asks her to not trouble Sameer and tell him that she love him.

Kareena scolds Preeta for just bringing flowers. Preeta checks the bag and says that she bought puja ingredients. She informs them about goons. Rishabh asks her that if she is fine. Preeta tells him that Arjun saved her from goons. She says that seems like her bag got exchanged with Arjun’s bag. She leaves the house with Rishabh to buy puja ingredients. They stops seeing Arjun’s car. Snigdha’s Dadi gives Preeta’s bag to Preeta. Rishabh and Preeta thanks Dadi.

Kareena comes there with Rishabh’s wallet. She notices puja ingredients bag. Luthras asks Dadi to join them for puja. Rishabh asks Arjun to join them. Everyone goes inside. Preeta’s saree gets stuck on Arjun’s watch. She tries to remove her saree. Rishabh helps Preeta and takes her from there.

Kritika tells Dadi that Preeta did not bring puja ingredients. Kareena gives puja ingredients to Priest. She tells everything to Dadi. Snigdha’s Dadi greets Luthras. Rishabh, Preeta and Sameer, Srishti sits as couple for puja. Rakhi performs gathbandhan ritual for Rishabh and Preeta. Arjun gets upset seeing that ( Sajdaa song plays in the background ). Kritika performs gathbandhan ritual for Sameer and Srishti.

Priest begins the puja. Arjun recalls that how he married Preeta. Rishabh promises to fulfill his responsibility as husband on Priest’s behest. Arjun asks them to stop it. Everyone gets shocked hearing him. Arjun acts like he was on a phone call and leaves from there. Preeta follows him and asks him that what is he doing in the house. He reminds her that he was invited for the puja. She tells him that he can’t roam like this. She warns him to stay away from her family.

Episode ends.

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