Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2021 Written Update: Pihu helps Sarla


Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Rakhi asks Karan and Preeta to give prasad boxes to their guests. Goons notices that Luthra’s giving their drug boxes to guests. Robin tells Boss that if Luthra’s gave everything to guests then they will lose their drug boxes so they should take risk now to save their drug boxes. Boss nods at her and takes gun from his guitar and orders everyone to not move. Everyone gets afraid seeing the guns. Rakhi tells Boss that now she understood that why they sang terribly. Kareena asks her to stay silent because they are not musicians but Goons.

Mahesh laughs and tells Goons that they can sing and why doing drama like this. He takes one of the goon’s gun and fires it saying it’s duplicate but it turns out to original gun. Goons snatches the gun from Mahesh. Boss tells them that they came to take their boxes and points at the boxes. He warns them to not call the Police. Preeta asks Pihu to hide in a room and the latter should not come out until she comes. Pihu nods at her and runs from there. Rakhi and Dadi misunderstands that Goons wants laddu boxes.

Boss reveals about his drug boxes. Mahesh understands that they are behind Security guards disappearance. Goons opens the boxes and finds laddus. Boss asks that who stole their drugs. He points gun at Dadi and asks the person to come out, who changed the boxes. Preeta reveals that she put laddus in those boxes. Meanwhile Pihu enters Sonakshi’s room and hides behind the door. Sarla notices Pihu and tries to get her attention. Pihu notices Sarla and unties her.

Boss asks Preeta that how she find out about their drugs. She reveals that she suspected them when Pihu told her that they were stealing the laddu boxes so she checked the boxes and found drugs. Dadi tells her that the latter should have informed them. Kareena and Sherlyn blames Preeta. Mahesh tells that he would not have send the Police inspector. Preeta tells him that she handled it already. Boss asks her that where is his drugs now. She replies that she kept them in guest room so they can take it. Srishti takes two Goons to guest room.

Boss tells Robin that he is tensed now because everyone saw their faces. Robin tells him that they can kill everyone. Luthra’s shocks hearing their conversation. Rakhi asks Goons to sing instead of using guns. Robin tells her that there are musicians only and praises Boss’s skill saying that he plays guitar very well. Robin takes the gun from Boss and asks him to play guitar. Boss starts playing guitar and Luthra’s closes their ears. Robin asks them to clap for Boss.

Srishti takes Goons to Sonakshi’s room and asks them to check the washroom. Srishti notices Sarla and Pihu and they leaves the room and locks Goons in a room. Srishti takes Pihu to hide her somewhere. On the other hand, Luthra boys starts fighting with each other deliberately. Then they fights with Goons but Boss catches Sarla.

Episode ends.

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