Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2023 Written Update: Preeta demands truth from Srishti

Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Preeta tells Srishti that they reached the house and say that what the latter is hiding from her. She says that she is sad her sister is hiding something from her. Srishti tells her that she will drink water first. Preeta gives water to her. She asks her to say why the latter is not letting her go in front of Luthras. She says that she will find out even if Srishti don’t tell the truth to her. Srishti tells her that she is not hiding anything.

Preeta tells her that she will go to Luthra house and find out the truth. Srishti tells her that Karan is there that’s why she don’t want Preeta to go there. Preeta tells her that she thought problem is Nidhi. Srishti says that Karan starting liking Preeta and he may propose Preeta anytime. Preeta asks her that if the latter is mad. Gurpreet comes there and tells them about Krishna Janmashtami celebration. Preeta goes inside. Srishti gets relieved and drinks water.

On the other hand, Rakhi tells Palki that it looks like the latter cried. Kavya asks Palki that why the latter cried. Palki lies to them that dust went into her eyes. Rakhi understands that Palki is lying. She tells her that the latter can share her problem with her. Rajveer comes there. Rakhi asks him that why he let Palki cry. Rajveer asks Palki that why the latter cried. Rakhi says that it’s heart matter. She leaves from there because Dadi called her. Rajveer tells Palki that he asked her something. Palki tells him that he won’t understand and leaves from there. Rajveer wonders that whom Palki likes and why he don’t know about it.

Gurpreet asks Srishti that what happened. Srishti tells her that she lied to Preeta to stop her from going to Luthra house. Gurpreet tells her that the latter can’t lie to Preeta forever. She says that Preeta’s heart is beating for her husband and her children from the time she came to Mumbai. She adds that they can’t keep a mother away from her children. Srishti tells her that she will do that. Preeta comes there. Gurpreet shows a dress to her and says she brought this for Preeta.

Karan tells Rishabh that he won’t attend the meeting because he has to find Preeta. Rishabh tells him that he believe that Preeta was there but they will talk about it after the meeting. Karan asks him that why Preeta is not coming in front of him. Rishabh tells him that maybe Preeta don’t want to come in between the latter and Nidhi. Karan says that Rishabh is right.

He calls Nilesh and asks him to arrange a meeting with Preeta. Nilesh lies to him that he did not find Preeta yet. He says that he is not in Mumbai. Karan tells him that the latter can’t solve this case and disconnects the call. He agrees to attend the meeting. He says that he will meet all the family members of Rajveer at night.

Nilesh calls Nidhi and tells her about Karan’s call. He says that Karan is searching Preeta desperately so Karan may find Preeta. Nidhi tells him to not give any information about Preeta to Karan and disconnects the call.

Episode ends.

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