Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2022 Written Update: Natasha asks Sherlyn and Prithvi to arrange bail


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Episode begins with Karan compliments Natasha. Natasha tells Preeta that she may stop this engagement if the latter asks her to do it then. Preeta tells her that Karan will do what he wants to do. She thinks that Karan won’t get engaged with Natasha. Karan asks Natasha for a dance and takes her from there. They dances which annoys Preeta. After some time, Preeta pushes Natasha and dances with Karan. Everyone claps for Preeta and Karan’s dance performance. Natasha is about to say something but Karan stops her. Karan asks Preeta to speak.

Priest comes there. Preeta gets angry seeing Priest. She asks Karan that if he called Priest too. He asks her that if she has any problem with it. She shook her head and moves from there. Natasha tells Karan that they are going on the right track because Preeta is getting jealous. Srishti asks Preeta that if the latter will stop this engagement. Preeta tells her that Karan will stop this engagement.

Karan asks Priest to begin the rituals. Priest chants mantras. He asks Karan and Natasha to exchange the rings. Karan looks at Preeta but she remains silent. Kareena gives the ring to Karan. Karan hesitates to put the ring on Natasha’s finger and throws it. Preeta smiles seeing that. He asks Preeta to give the ring to him which shocks her. Natasha also asks Preeta to give the ring. Preeta gets angry and picks the ring from the floor. She gives the ring to Karan and glares him.

Police comes there and asks about Natasha. Natasha introduces herself to Police inspector. Police inspector tells her that they came to arrest her. Natasha says that she is not a criminal and asks her that why the latter came to arrest her. Preeta snatches the ring from Karan. Natasha says that she did nothing wrong. Preeta says that Natasha would have done something that’s why police arrived.

Natasha asks Karan to help. Karan asks Police inspector that what Natasha did. Natasha tells him that she did nothing wrong. Srishti says that let police say what Natasha did. Kareena tells her that she already told her to not interfere in their family matters. Srishti asks her to question Natasha. Preeta tells her that it’s between Natasha and the police so let them handle it. Mahesh says that he don’t like all this so he want to go inside. Kritika takes him inside. Sameer receives message from hotel and leaves from there.

Police inspector says that she is here to arrest Natasha for the accident she did. Natasha defends herself. Police inspector says that no one can arrange bail today. Natasha murmurs to Sherlyn and Prithvi to arrange bail for her tomorrow or else she won’t leave them. Police takes Natasha from there. Karan tells Preeta that she must be behind Natasha’s arrest. She tells him that she is not behind this arrest and leaves from there.

Prithvi says to Preeta that she must be behind Natasha’s arrest. Preeta says that Prithvi brought Natasha to separate her and Karan but failed. He asks her that if fake police arrested Natasha.

Episode ends.

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